BeoVision LX 2802

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Manufactured: 1987 - 1990
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Rosewood, teak, white and White Line

Advanced TV technology at its most elegant

Beovision 2802 was the latest version of the classic Bang & Olufsen TV. Fully remote controlled, it was created specially for those who require all the features of today's TV - and who also seek a timeless design that would blend perfectly into their living environment. Slim and elegant, Beovision LX2802 came in either traditional natural woods or a contemporary white finish.

To the finest detail

B&O is renowned for its attention to detail and craftsmanship. You won't find any fussy buttons on B&O's sets - because, with full remote control, they simply aren't necessary. Absolutely nothing looks out of place or superfluous with a Bang & Olufsen TV. The materials are always selected with the utmost care. The closest attention is always paid even to the design of the back of the TV. The company believes that appearances matter a great deal, because you've got to live with a TV day in, day out. On or off, it should be easy on the eye.

The perfect picture - from any angle

You don't have to sit bang in front to get a good view of Bang & Olufsen TV sets. The 66cm flat-square picture tube of these Beovisions gave a clear, undistorted picture even when viewed from the side. Combine that with the specially developed VisionClear system, and you've got eye-opening picture quality. The colour balance and contrast are regulated automatically, 50 times every second. There's even a contrast screen to make sure that your picture's always in harmony with the light levels in the room. Razor-sharp quality - and it's built to last.

And the sound to match

One of the things that make Bang & Olufsen TVs so special is the sound - because it's just as breathtakingly good as the picture. The L and LX TVs have a bass reflex loudspeaker system - which, in words of one syllable, means great sound. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes, even listening to the news! Of course, you'll also appreciate Bang & Olufsen sound quality when you listen to music from your sound system through the TV. (Perfectly possible - all Bang & Olufsen's latest audio, TV and video systems can talk to each other). Close your eyes and it sounds like you've just acquired a splendid pair of new hi-fi speakers for your music centre. Which is exactly what you HAVE done.

A view to the future

Your LX 2802 TV was also ready for satellite broadcasts when they became available. It'll be able to receive broadcasts either through communal aerials and a hybrid network, or through your own parabolic 'dish' antenna. Just add the BeoSat LX module when the future arrives.

No-wait Teletext

The live information bank of Teletext is a tremendous benefit, whether you want an instant weather update, flight times or racing results. Now we've added even more of a bonus, with the computer-controlled Teletext module. This allows you to flip through the Teletext pages without having to wait. You can also call up four different pages instantly on the screen (in the order you want) by pressing the Teletext button. So you can hop easily from one topic to another, with quicker access to the facts you need.

The right connections

When you buy a Bang & Olufsen video recorder to partner your TV, you'll be able to operate both with one remote control - the Beolink 1000. Needless to say, our video recorders are as intelligently designed as our TVs: Beocord VX5000 and VHS 82.2 even have a visual display to make operation and programming absolute child's play. But your connection options don't stop there. Your TV can team up with your music system. It can even form part of your Bang & Olufsen 'round-the-house' TV, video and music system. All under the command of the ingenious Beolink 1000 remote control. You can also connect headphones, your personal computer, video games and a loop amplifier for the hard of hearing.

Take four

You could choose one of four models: the 63cm L2502 and LX 2502, and the 66cm L2802 and LX 2802. In all the most important technical respects, these TVs shared the same advanced features.

Fine finishes

The Beovision LX series was available in rosewood, teak, white and White Line (B&O's modern colour and styling treatment).

BeoVision LX 2802 Product Specifications

Beovision LX2802 Specifications
3801 ( 1988 - Jan 1990)
3461 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
AUS, TXT 3476 ( 1988 - Oct 1989)
AUS, TXT 3816 ( 1988 - Sept 1989)
E, TXT 3833 ( 1988 - May 1989)
E, TXT, Multi 3815 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
F, Multi 3472 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
F, Multi 3812 ( 1988 - Nov 1989)
F, Multi Antiope 3473 ( 1988 - July 1988)
GB, TXT 3467 ( 1988 - Nov 1989)
GB, TXT 3807 ( 1988 - Jun 1990)
GB, TXT, NICAM 3468 ( 1988 - Nov 1989)
GB, TXT, NICAM 3808 ( 1988 - Jan 1990)
GR 3477 ( 1988 -Feb 1988)
GR, PAL/SECAM 3820 (1988 - Nov 1989)
I, TXT 3818 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
Multi, Antiope 3813 ( 1988 - Sept 1988)
Multi, Hyper 3471 ( 1988 - Nov 1989)
Multi, Hyper 3811 ( 1988 - Jan 1990)
S-D-GB-I-F TXT 3802 ( 1988 - Apr 1990)
S-D-GB-I-F TXT 3462 ( 1988 - Feb 1990)
S-D-GB-I-F TXT Hyper 3463 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
TXT NICAM 3464 ( 1988 - Jun 1990)
TXT PAL/SECAM 3465 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
TXT, Hyper 3803 ( 1988 - Jan 1990)
TXT, Multi 3474 ( 1988 - Dec 1989)
TXT, Multi 3814 ( 1988 - Jan 1990)
TXT, NICAM 3804 ( 1988 - Jun 1990)
TXT, PAL/SECAM 3805 ( 1988 - Apr 1990)

Operation: Beolink 1000
Datalink system: Beolink®
Compatible to older Beocord VCRs
Features: Stereo sound, stereo enhancement ,bilingual sound
Number of programmes: 32 VHF-UHF, S-channels
Range: VHF 46-300MHz, UHF 470-855 MHz
Picture tube: 45 AX 110° in line self-converging
Start time: approx. 5 sec
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms coaxial
Sound power output: 2 x 15 W / 8 ohms
Frequency range: 25 Hz - 20000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB
Bass control: +/- 8 dB / 100 Hz
Treble control: +/- 8 dB / 10000 Hz
Power supply: 180 - 265 V
Power frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: 95 (75-165) W
Stand-by: 3.5 W
Connections: headphones output max 7.5V / 200 ohms
External speakers: 4 - 8 ohms
AUX 3 A/V Socket 6 pin DIN Video output 1 Vpp 75 ohms
Video input: 1 Vpp 75 ohms
Audio output: 1V 47 kohm
Audio input: 1 V 1 kohm
AUX 2 A/V Socket 21 pin Video
Video, RGB, Fast blanking

IR-codes pin 8 2Vpp
Control coltage pin 8 > 9.5 V
Tape output 5 pin DIN 1 V 1 kohm
Amp. output 5 pin DIN 0-1 V 2.5 kohm
AUX 1 Audio Line 7 pin DIN Input 350 mV 47 kohms
Output 1 V 2 kohms
Datalink In/Out
Dimensions: 86 x 52 x 46 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Link compatibility: Datalink

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