BeoCord 8004 Cassette Deck

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Manufactured: 1982 - 1987
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Teak, Rosewood, White

Beocord 8004 had its own microcomputer which took care of most of the tasks involved in recording and listening to cassette tapes. The microcomputer was also responsible for one of Beocord 8004's most advanced and unique features - the real-time tape counter. Actual minutes and seconds were used to measure elapsed time so you always knew how much recording time was left to fill.

Selection between chrome, ferric and metal tape characteristics was automatic. So was the operation of the HX-Professional recording system - a technique developed by Bang & Olufsen to expand the peak ceiling level of all types of tape. The provision of Dolby B and Dolby C Noise Reduction improved the sound quality of your recordings even further.

Signal input levels were indicated on electronically-controlled Peak Programme Meters that performed to standards set for professional studio and broadcasting recorders. The signal level was monitored on both recording and playback.

The tape head of Beocord 8004 was a single combination head of superb technical quality. Both the poles and the beddings were made of Sendust alloy. As with all Bang & Olufsen recorders, a special additional circuit automatically demagnetised the head each time the STOP function was used at the end of a recording.

Locating particular recordings was quick and easy using the Beocord's computerised tape address system. Just key in the track's start time - in minutes and seconds - press GO, and wait a few seconds. The tape automatically wound to that location and began to play.

For recording an important broadcast while you were out of the house (or when you didn't want to spend the evening clock-watching) there was a twenty-four hour electronic timer. With a few touches to the programming buttons you could store the station, start time and stop time in the microcomputer's memory. It then carried out your instructions at the appropriate hour - regardless of how you used the recorder in the interim.

Beocord 8004 could be used as a stand-alone tape cassette recorder or as part of hi-fi systems such as Beosystem 6000 or Beosystem 8000.


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BeoCord 8004 Cassette Deck Product Specifications

Types: 4864 (1982 - April 1987)
GB 4865 (1982 - April 1987)
J 4867 (1982 - Feb 1987)
USA 4862 (1982 - April 1987)

Compact cassette C46-C60-C90-C120
Tape head: Sendust
Recording system HX PRO
Noise reduction system Dolby B and C
Tape switch Auto. ferro, chrome and metal
Wow and flutter, DIN < +/- 0.1 %
Speed deviation < +/- 1 %
Fast forward and rewind C60 70 sec

Frequency range ferro/chrome/metal 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR / ARM:
Metal Dolby NR B: >65 dB, C: >74 dB TDK-MA
Chrome Dolby NR B: >66 dB, C: >75 dB TDK-SA
Ferro Dolby NR B: >64 dB, C: >72 dB BASF LM I
Power supply 220 V
Power consumption Max. 50 W
Dimensions W x H x D 53 x 13 x 30cm
Weight 7.5 kg

Connections: Headphones jack, AUX DIN, Microphone DIN, Amplifier DIN

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