BeoCord 3300 Cassette Deck

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Manufactured: 1987 - 1990
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Grey, black

You had the benefits of the very latest technology with this cassette recorder when it was first introduced. Such as the patented HX Pro recording system which enriched the sound image by giving vastly superior reproduction of the treble range.

You were certain to approve of the wealth of useful features too. For example, if the record finished while you were recording, the tape stopped automatically and restarted automatically when you turn the record over.

When you pressed STOP after a recording, a four-second pause was inserted between tracks with the automatic search system. Clever stuff - all designed to make life easier and more fun. Beocord 3300 was part of Beosystem 3300 although it could also be used as a stand-alone item.

BeoCord 3300 Cassette Deck Product Specifications

2941 (1987 - Jan 1990)
AUS 2945 (1987 - May 1988)
GB 2942 (1987 - Jan 1990)
USA 2943 (1987 - Jan 1990)

Compact cassette: C46-C60-C90
Recording system: HX PRO
Remote control: Terminal 3300 via Beomaster 3300
Direct operation: Sensi touch
Auto recording pauses at CD, 4 sec. pauses
Auto recording stop at CD, tape end
Search system: Pauses in music
Noise reduction system: Dolby B
Tape switch: Auto ferro/chrom
Tape head: Sendust

Wow and flutter DIN: <+/- 0.15%
Fast forward and rewind: C60 110 sec
Frequency range chrome: 25 - 18,000 Hz +/- 3 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio CCIR/ARM:
Metal Dolby B: >64 dB
Chrome Dolby B: >65 dB
Ferro Dolby B: >63 dB
Power supply:
2941 220V
2942 240V
2943 120V
2945 240V
Power consumption: max. 20 W
Dimensions: W x H x D 42 x 7 x 24.5cm
Weight: 3.8 kg
Connections: AudioLink

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