BeoCord 1500 Cassette Deck

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Manufactured: 1979 - 1980
Colours: Teak, rosewood, oak, white

Beocord 1500 matched several Beomaster receivers in design, concept and performance level. It was also technically compatible with non-Bang & Olufsen products. If you simply wanted to record and play back cassettes without any extra refinements or facilities, this deck was for you.

The slanted control panel was logically planned and really simple to use. The VU meters and sliding input control made the setting of correct recording levels easy and accurate. The 3-digit tape counter had a memory function that helped you locate the start of a particular passage of music.

Quality recording and playback was further ensured by the super Permalloy tape head, highly stable motor/drive system and Dolby B Noise Reduction circuit.

BeoCord 1500 Cassette Deck Product Specifications

Types: 2642 (1979 - Jan 1981)
GB 2645 (1979 - Dec 1980)

Compact cassette C60-C90
Wow and flutter, DIN < +/- 0.2%
Speed deviation < +/- 1%
Fast forward and rewind 90 sec
Frequency range, DIN 30 - 12,500 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio, DIN Chrom > 56 dB
With Dolby Chrom > 64 dB

Power supply
2642 220V
2645 240V
Power consumption: 25 W

Dimensions W x H x D: 40 x 8 x 25cm
Weight: 5 kg

Connections: AUX
Microphone 0.175 mV / 2.2 kohms

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