BeoCord 1200 Reel to Reel Tape Deck

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Manufactured: 1969 - 1972
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Teak, rosewood, white

Beocord 1200 Type 4207 was a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Among its features it had sound-on-sound, automatic recording level control and mixing. The in-built PA amplifier could be operated without the motor running.

Beosystem 1200 - made up of Beomaster 1200, Beocord 1200 and Beogram 1200 was Bang & Olufsen's B&O’s first designed system. The design 'kinship', which emphasised the interdependence between B&O’s various products, became a characteristic of B&O for many years. Beosystem 1200 was one of the first products selected by New York's Museum of Modern Art for the museum’s permanent collection (not exhibition) in 1972.

In 1969 the Danish Society of Industrial Design awarded Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen the ID prize for the Beomaster 1200 radio/amplifier, Beogram 1200 turntable and Beocord 1200 tape recorder for unusually beautiful and user friendly design. The jury emphasised in particular the Beomaster 1200 receiver which pointed in a new direction for the design of radios.

The 1200 series represented the logical continuation of the line of development and design which put B&O at the forefront of manufacturers of entertainment electronics.

BeoCord 1200 Reel to Reel Tape Deck Product Specifications

Tape speeds 19 and 9.5 cm/sec. (7 1/2 and 3 3/4 in/sec.)
Number of tracks 4 tracks record and playback
Real size Max. 18 cm
Playing times Tape Speed 19 cm/sec:
360M 2 x 30 min
540M 2 x 45 min
720M 2 x 60 min
1080M 2 x 90 min
Tape Speed 9.5 cm/sec:
360M 2 x 60 min
540M 2 x 90 min
720M 2 x 120 min
1080M 2 x 180 min
For mono, multiply above playing times by 4
Fast forward and rewind Approx. 200 sec for LP tape
Counter Pushbutton reset, 4 digit readout
Wow and flutter 19 cm/sec +/- 0.15% (DN 45507)
Speed deviation Less than 1 %
Tape stop Photo-electric stop at end of tape

Frequency response 19 cm/sec: 30 - 20,000 Hz (DIN 45500)
Equalization 19 cm/sec: 50 µsec, 3180 µsec
Distortion Less than 5% over tape at VU 0
Less than 1% in amplifier
Signal-to-noise ratio 65 dB (DIN 45500, 4 - 2.5)
Cross-talk select Mono: Better than 60 dB at 1000 Hz
Stereo: Better than 40 dB at 1000 Hz
Erasure Better than 70 dB
Erase frequency 100 kHz

Dimensions W x H x D: 44 x 14.7 x 33 cm
Weight: 11 kg
Voltage: 110 - 130 - 220 - 240 volts AC
Power consumption: 20 - 52 W

Connections: Inputs Microphone:
Radio DIN
Radio US standard
Outputs Headphones:
Radio DIN
Radio US

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