BeoVision Avant 32 DVD

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Manufactured: 2002 - 2006
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Blue, Black, Red, Green, Silver, Grey

BeoVision Avant DVD models

At the end of 2001 several variations of the BeoVision Avant were on offer - the BeoVision Avant 28 with and without VCR, and BeoVision Avant 32 with VCR or DVD player built in as standard. Then from March 2002, the BeoVision Avant 28 DVD was introduced to join its larger-screened brother.

BeoVision Avant encourages you to lose yourself in a sound and picture experience - and not in the technology. That's why Bang & Olufsen hang the 16:9 Real Flat wide-screen on its own smooth wall and conceal everything else behind it - including a set of speakers that will outpace the average hi-fi and a video recorder that tunes itself automatically.

You could choose a built-in DVD player or video tape recorder and from a range of five colours. There was also the option of a simplified 66cm version - the BeoVision Avant CTV - with no integrated entertainment source.


Watching movies should be about simple entertainment, not complicated technology. That's why the Avant is available with its own built-in DVD or video recorder. Its presence is only given away by a discreet lid on the front. All cables are hidden in the back of the set.

To ensure even greater viewing comfort, the Avant has its own motorised stand that turns effortlessly through a 70 degree arc. You can program it to turn automatically towards your favourite viewing chair, or use the Beo4 to turn it in the opposite direction. When you switch the Avant off again, it returns silently to its original position in line with your furniture.

A red LED display on top of the cabinet gives you a discreet status of the source you are viewing, without intruding on the picture. It also shows the volume status when you adjust the volume level, and other information related to recording, Dolby Surround and so on. On the back of the display is a hidden push button panel for the most frequently used controls.

The Beo4 remote control is used to access all the various functions of video-playback and recording, menus, tuning, text-television, picture optimisation, sound properties and so on. Beo4 is designed for user-friendly and ergonomical operation with one hand. The buttons in a star-shape for search, ultra-sharp still-picture, super slow-motion, programme shift and fast forward can be controlled by your thumb only, you don't even have to move your eyes.

Beo4 also controls all the latest B&O audio systems as well - it's the key to complete home entertainment!

A discreet display on the upper right hand corner of the Avant lets you know what source is playing and a small control panel placed behind it offers hands-on control of all basic functions.

The sound quality of the active loudspeakers can compete with any modern audio system. When the herd of horses approaches your seat from within the widescreen, you can feel the tremble of the horses' hooves - so powerful is the bass. And as a video-master in a Beolink® system, Avant can distribute sound and vision all over your home - just as it can play the music from your audio system in its speakers.

The Perfect Illusion

Press a key on the Beo4 remote and the electronic curtain glides aside to reveal a perfect picture. A theatrical gimmick or another technological leap forward? Actually, a bit of both! In the short reaction time before the curtain glides aside, a comprehensive circuit adjusts contrast levels, brilliance and colour to the prevailing light conditions in the room, ensuring the optimum picture reproduction every time.

An anti-reflective coating on the picture tube, as well as on the contrast screen is provided to eliminate reflections from windows, carpets and furniture. If you watch television during the day you've probably experienced the glare and reflections caused by direct sunshine. To minimise the problem, the Avant's picture tube and contrast screen have been given a special anti-reflection coating that reduces reflections by up to 99%.

Home Cinema

There was a time when watching a movie on TV was a poor imitation of the real thing. But not anymore! BeoVision Avant brings the movies directly into your living room with a smooth, true-to-life picture and totally convincing sound.

BeoLab 2 completes this ultimate surround setup and - together with the other four active loudspeakers - allows you to make the most out of the advanced sound opportunities offered by the Avant's built-in Dolby® Digital* module.


BeoVision Avant comes as one integrated unit. All you have to do is to plug in the mains and the antenna and you're ready to watch. There are no other visible cords, allowing the Avant to be viewed from all sides - so it does not have to be set up in a corner or next to a wall. It fits nicely into any kind on home, thanks to the range of many available cabinet colours: pearly blue, pearly black, pearly red, pearly green and silver.

When the system is turned off, it turns back to its original position, the sound fades away and the curtains glide in front of the screen. Just like being in your own private small-screen cinema!

Features of the two Avant DVD models: Set-Top Box Controller module and Anti-Reflex coated Contrast Screen fitted as standard. All other modules are optional.

Motorised stand

The motorised stand of the Avant is rigorously tested. It's built to be able to turn through an arc of 70° at least 20,000 times. If the TV was turned on and off 5 times a day, the motorised stand should perform flawlessly for more than ten years. In its tests, B&O stopped after 80,000 turns. A painted iron base plate, an aluminium top plate which carries the entire weight, with the actual turning mechanism of a 36 ball bearing race between them is how the stand is made up. Tests such as dropping it several centimetres directly onto the rim of the bottom plate ensure that the stand has many years of life in front of it.

*Dolby Digital is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Shelves & Decoder Solutions

Bang & Olufsen's preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a range of solutions specifically for this model. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB options add to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Shelf for DVD, Decoders & Games Consoles

Avant Shelf 2011

»Decoder Support

Place Freeview, Cable & Satellite decoders behind TV

»Accessory Mounts

STB have a range of mounting options to allow Blu-ray players, decoder boxes and games consoles to be mounted at the rear of the TV.

Modular mounting system. Hide Blu-ray, Apple TV, PlayStation behind your TV

See all solutions for BeoVision Avant

BeoVision Avant 32 DVD Product Specifications

BeoVision Avant 32 (DVD) Specifications
Dimensions W x H x D: 84 x 109 x 61cm Weight: 86 kg

Cabinet finish:
Pearlescent shades of black, silver, red, green, blue

Power consumption: Typical 134 watt/stand-by < 2 watt

Terminal included: Beo4

Stand turning function: +/- 35 degrees, remote operated
two memory positions

Picture tube/Visual picture: 81 cm - 32"/76 cm - 30" (16:9)
Wide-Screen, Real Flat

Curtain : Electronic
Contrast screen: Anti-reflex coating

VisionClear: Auto picture adjustment
Auto cut-off
Digital CTI
Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Scan Velocity Modulatioin
Improved letterbox
Motion Clear

Teletext: Teletext level 2*, 1780 pages
Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
Fastext (FLOF), 4 memory pages per program
17 teletext languages in 7 groups

Tuning: Autotune, program move and semiautomatic naming
Tuner range: 45 - 860 MHz, VHF, S, Hyper, UHF
TV programmes: 99
Stereo decoders: A2 + NICAM
Theft protection: With pin-code or Disabled:

DVD: Built-in
Disc sizes: 12 cm - 5"
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
Playback the following: DVD-Video, Video CD, CD-A, CD-R, CD-RW
Multistandard PAL/NTSC
Signal-to-noise-ratio Typical 100 dB, A weighted, in Audio mode
DVD Zone According to type

Power amplifier modules 4 units
Long term max. output power 39 watts
per module
Frequency range 50 - 20,000 Hz
Max. sound pressure level 96 dB
Cabinet principle/ net volume Bass Reflex / 3.5 litres
Woofer 115 mm - 4*"
Tweeter 18 mm - 3/4"
Bass equalizer Adaptive
Magnetic shielded Yes

Dolby® Digital Decoder :
Decoding capabilities Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel decoding
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel Dolby® Digital
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two channel PCM
Dolby® Pro-Logic decoding of two analogue channels (Lt/Rt)
Automatic format detection(Dolby® Digital, PCM)
Calibration 3 channel tone control & loudness (L/C/R)
Bass management, Delay management
Sound modes (Speaker 1 - 5) Speaker 1 : Stereo internal speakers (subwoofer muted)
Speaker 2 2.0/2.1 : Stereo external speakers / Stereo external speakers + subwoofer
Speaker 3 3.0/3.1 : Dolby®-3 stereo / Dolby®-3 stereo + subwoofer
Speaker 4 4.0/4.1 : Stereo-4 / Stereo-4 + subwoofer
Speaker 5 5.0/5.1 : Dolby® Digital or Dolby® Pro-Logic Surround / Dolby® Digital + subwoofer

Connections :
- Digital Audio input 2 x Coax phono, Input-1 for AV-SCART, Input-2 for DECODER-SCART
- External Beolab loudspeakers 5 x Power Link (left, right, rear left, rear right, subwoofer. - internal center)
Loudspeakers recommended, Beolab 1, Beolab 8000, Beolab 6000, Beolab 4000, Beolab 4500
Loudspeaker recommended, BeoLab 2

System modulator : Splitter/system modulator output to link room (Beolink Video Distribution)
Frequency range 479 - 831 MHz (in 1 MHz step), Dual side band
Audio Mono
According to type : FM sound system G : 5.5MHz, FM sound system I : 6MHz
Connection 1 x 75 ohm aerial male

Satellite modul : (optional)
Tuner range 950 - 2150 Mhz
Programmes 119 TV/Radio
Sound systems Mono/Stereo
Satellite radio Yes
Down conv. supply 14/18 Volts control, Tone control (22 Khz)
DiSEqC (One way control)
Connections 2 x F-connector (2 x 75 ohm)

Set Top Box-Controller : (optional)
Controlling boxes with Beo4 Supported boxes : See list at Bang & Olufsen Retail System (via internet)
Controlling one or two boxes 1 box control by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit.
(2 x STB) 2 box control by use of the IR-blaster included in the kit and IR Y-adaptor(6174171)
and one more IR-blaster(8330352).
Connection 1 x stereo mini jack

TV Input 1 x 75 ohms aerial female
System modulator 1 x 75 ohms aerial male (splitter/system modulator output). According to type : G or I RF output
V.TAPE - AV - Decoder 3 x 21-pin sockets
V.TAPE : CVBS in/out, RGB in (automatic 16:9 sense(pin-8), B&O AVL)
AV : CVBS in/out, RGB in, S-VHS in/out (automatic 16:9 sense (pin-8),
automatic S-VHS configuration, B&O AVL
DECODER : CVBS in/out (automatic 16:9 sense (pin-8))
Beolink 1 x Master Link

Dolby® Digital
- External Beolab speakers 5 x Power Link (2 x front, 2 x rear, 1 x subwoofer)
- Digital Audio input 2 x Coax phono, Input-1 for AV-SCART, Input-2 for DECODER-SCART
Camcorder / Auxiliary 3 x Phono sockets (video in/audio L-R in) *)
S-Video (S-VHS) 1 x Y/C playback 4-pin socket
Headphone socket 1 x Mini jack
V.TAPE DECODER 1 x 21-pin for V.TAPE decoder (video, L, R in/out)
Satellite modul (optional) 2 x F-connector input (2 x 75 ohms)
STB-Controller output 1 x Mini jack (stereo for 2 x IR-blaster with IR-Y-adaptor)

*) Possible to configure Set Top Box(STB) at Camcorder input and control via STB-Controller.

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