BeoVision 9000

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Manufactured: 1981 - 1983

As an alternative in furnishing styles, the high-technology chassis of the Beovision 8800 was combined with the traditional skills of Danish furniture craftsmanship. The result was the luxurious Beovision 9000.

When you purchased this model, you obtained all the quality and convenience of modern TV technology plus the pride and pleasure of owning and living with a fine piece of furniture.

Beovision 9000's cabinet was finished in genuine, rich-grained teak and rosewood and had a beautifully crafted tambour screen door that rolled back to reveal the screen - and switched the set on at the same time. When you had finished viewing, you just slid shut the door. The set shut itself off automatically. The screen was protected from dust and accidents, and you were never confronted with a blank staring screen every time you entered the room.

All the technical features and facilities of the Beovision 8800 were included in this luxury 26" model. The infra-red remote control Terminal allowed you to operate all primary functions from your armchair - including Teletext and the Beocord 8800 video cassette recorder if you chose those options.

Beovision 9000 was a replacement for Beovision 6002 - its predecessor was similar in looks to Beovision 9000 but was fitted with an ultrasonic remote control Commander. In turn, the model was superceded by Beovision 9002 in 1984.

BeoVision 9000 Product Specifications

Beovision 9000 Specifications
Types: 3317 (1981 - May 1983); GB 3318 (1981 - May 1983)
Picture tube size: 66cm
Cabinet: wood veneer with tambour door
Number of programmes 16 VHF - UHF
Range VHF 2 - 12
VHF 46 - 130, 130 - 300 MHz only for type: 3325, 3323, 3321, 3373, 3374, 3371, 3372
Picture tube 30 AX 110° in line self converging
Start time Approx. 5 sec
Aerial impedance 75 ohms coaxial

Woofer: 10cm
Tweeter: 5cm
Log line system
Sound power output 14 W
Harmonic distortion < 0.3 %
Intermodulation < 2.5 %
Frequency range +/- 1.5 dB 40 - 20,000 Hz
Power bandwidth 10 - 35,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio > 55 dB
Bass control +8 -5 dB / 100 Hz
Treble control +9 -6 dB / 10,000 Hz
Power supply: 180 - 265 V
Power consumption 75 (65 - 130) W
Stand-by < 2 W
Dimensions W x H x D 79.5 x 48 (80cm including stand) x 48 cm
Weight 42 kg

Connections: Headphones ouput Max. 7.5 V / 200 ohms
External speaker Min. 4 ohms
Tape output 30 mV / 470 kohms
Amplifier output 700 mV / 1 kohms
Finishes: teak or rosewood
Standard features: Infra-red remote control, undercarriage included, headphones/ext speaker output, channel indication, tape/amp output
Optional accessories: Loop amplifier, Teletext decoder, Video FBAS kit

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