BeoVision 7 - 40 LCD Television

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Manufactured: 2005 - present
Designer: David Lewis

Picture perfect television that tilts and turns on command

Bang & Olufsen has now released BeoVision 7 - 40, offering complete home entertainment on its 40” LCD widescreen, with an integrated DVD player and digital surround sound module as standard. BeoVision 7 - 40 offers sublime home cinema experiences in the living room at home together with the powerful BeoLab 7-4 centre loudspeaker and other BeoLab loudspeakers.

“Evidence from the marketplace shows that when customers buy flat screen TVs, they go for larger screen sizes. BeoVision 7 - 40 has a 40” LCD screen that adds that bit extra to the viewing experience, and still offers the best possible picture in all situations,” says Villy Hansen, Product Manager at Bang & Olufsen. “BeoVision 7-40 provides the perfect balance between sound and picture performance, and the complete user interaction and experience. It also turns and tilts on your command!”

A spectacular entertainment system

In addition to the superb picture, BeoVision 7 - 40 has its own built-in DVD player for exceptional home cinema in the living room. The BeoLab 7-4 centre loudspeaker, when mounted on one of the stands for BeoVision 7-40, provides incredible precision and acoustic clarity of the voice track of a film or television programme. The acoustic lens on top of BeoLab 7-4 ensures a perfect sound dispersion from the treble through 180 degrees horizontally.

BeoLab 7-4 is a two-way dedicated mono centre loudspeaker driven by two 250W digital ICEPower amplifier units, fine-tuned with a special focus on the reproduction of speech. BeoLab 7-4 has a vertical construction that provides the best possible tonal balance found in speech. Alternatively, the ultimate stereo television experience is available with the BeoLab 7-2 stereo loudspeaker. The beam-shaped BeoLab 7-2 has two three-way loudspeakers of exceptional performance, driven by ICEPower, designed to rest naturally under the LCD screen.

The best possible picture – and the best of everything else

Bang & Olufsen’s skills with the VisionClear package of picture technologies ensure the best possible picture from the LCD monitor in all situations. VisionClear covers a range of technologies that the viewer experiences in the form of greater viewing comfort, and BeoVision 7 - 40 represents the complete application of VisionClear.

When BeoVision 7 - 40 is switched on, the TV automatically adjusts picture quality to match the current light conditions – and will carry on doing so until the television is switched off again. The anti-reflection coating on the contrast screen reduces significantly the effect of incoming light on the screen, offering pleasurable viewing even in strong daylight.

Using a Bang & Olufsen product is always a pleasurable experience, and BeoVision 7 - 40 is no exception. When switched on, the electronic curtains open, and, when activated, the DVD loader swings out from below the screen in a silent, smooth motion.

Add to this the new motorised tilt function, offering complete freedom to tilt and turn the screen from your viewing position, with a simple touch of the Beo4 remote control. You can also set BeoVision 7 - 40 to turn automatically to the viewing position when switched on, and to return to a resting position when switched off.

Even reading information text offers a surprising and pleasant user experience. The vertical display text provides instant recognition of the TVs operational status, volume, and the entertainment source, and is placed to the right of the widescreen so as not to break the design lines.

A new standard for home cinema

The stand program for BeoVision 7 - 40 is broad and flexible for the table or floor, with the possibility of both motorised turn and tilt of the screen using Beo4. In addition to the natural aluminium finish, BeoVision 7 - 40 is available in four colours – black, dark grey, red and blue. BeoVision 7 - 40 can enter into any home system with other BeoLink-enabled Bang & Olufsen audio and loudspeaker products. BeoLink is Bang & Olufsen’s home integration system, based on the principle of ‘move the experience – not the equipment’, with everything controlled by Beo4.

“All Bang & Olufsen products present levels of performance and pleasurable interaction that truly make a difference to entertainment at home,” says Villy Hansen, and concludes: “BeoVision 7 - 40 sets a standard for home cinema experiences that truly needs to be experienced to be appreciated.”

Press Release: November 2005

Mounting Options

Original Bang & Olufsen stands available at launch included a fixed Table Stand, motorised turn and tilt Table Stand, motorised turn and tilt Floor Stand & motorised Wall Bracket with turn and tilt functionality. A close fitting Wall Bracket was added to the range later

BeoVision 7 - 40 LCD Television Product Specifications

Screen size 40” widescreen LCD
Dimensions 108 x 68 x 18 cm
Weight 45 kg
Power consumption Typical: 223 W; Standby: 0.5 W
Remote control included Beo4
Contrast screen Anti-reflection coated
Digital Surround Sound module Standard
Master Link Standard
Stand options Table stand
Table stand, motorised turn and tilt
Floor stand, motorised turn and tilt

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