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Manufactured: 2004 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: (Surrounds) Black/Silver/Dark Grey

BeoVision 4 offers greater flexibility and modular convenience to Bang & Olufsen customers than has previously been possible. BeoVision 4 is available in different sizes and consists of the screen, BeoSystem 2 and a cabinet. BeoSystem 2 is the master unit having the same functionality as BeoVision 5.

The recommended centre channel loudspeakers are BeoLab 4000. This plasma TV set has been previously only available in the North American market including Canada, Mexico and the US. When combined with speakers and stands, BeoVision 4 becomes an integral part of BeoSystem 1. However, from Spring 2004 the system - known as Beosystem 2 - arrived in Europe.

This European system incorporates different-sized screens and may be mounted on a wall. Available in 50" and 65" screen sizes (37" and 42" screen sizes available only to March 2006) The screen surround is of brushed aluminium and is based upon much the same design as BeoVision 5. VisionClear and an anti-reflection coating is included. Controlled by Beo4, the system comprises:

Dolby Digital Surround Sound Decoder

Set-Top -Box Controller


MasterLink module

HF Modulator

Cabinet 2168 is similar to cabinet type 2164 and has a shiny, aluminium-coloured front. Within it can be placed a satellite decoder, DVD 1 and/or Beocord V8000, if these are your required options.


Part Number:

BeoVision 4-37 silver - 1816608

BeoVision 4-37 black - 1816609

BeoVision 4-37 dark grey - 1816610

BeoVision 4 42 silver including wall bracket - 1816049

BeoVision 4 42 dark grey including wall bracket - 1816578

BeoVision 4 42 black including wall bracket - 1816577

BeoVision 4 50 black including wall bracket - 1816591

BeoVision 4 50 dark grey including wall bracket - 1816592

BeoVision 4 50 silver including wall bracket - 1816415

BeoSystem 2 - 1816403

Cabinet 2168 - 1216813

Cabinet BV4 - 1216813

BeoVision 4 65 silver - 1816632

BeoVision 4 65 black - 1816633

BeoVision 4 65 dark grey - 1816634

BeoSystem 2 (BV4 65) - 1816403

BeoVision 4 65 Wall Brackets - 1405866

Remote Control for BV4 stand alone - 8053460

BeoVision 4 Wall Bracket and Table Stands

A new wall bracket and table stand for the BeoVision 4 range will be available from December 2004. The new wall bracket is finished in black lacquered steel and with its reduced dimensions is suitable for use with the 37”, 42” and 50” screen options.

The table stands will be available in two options: one for BeoVision 4-37 and the other for either BeoVision 4-42 or BeoVision 4-50. The Table Stands will be finished in black, painted aluminium.

The only accessory for BV4-65 is the wall bracket. Introduced on BV4-65 will be a slightly darker Contrast Screen resulting in an improved perceived picture quality due to the lower black level.

Wall Bracket & Table Stand Part Numbers:

BV4 Wall Bracket 1407866

Table Stand BV4-37 1408566

Table Stand BV4-42/50 1407966

BeoVision 4 - 42 Newsletter April 2004

In view of the general expansion of flat screens in the market, Bang & Olufsen is now strengthening its flat screen portfolio by launching BeoVision 4 – 42. BeoVision 4 – 42 is a modular flat screen home-cinema system master consisting of:

A 107cm plasma monitor for wall mounting (wall bracket included)

BeoSystem 2 – a master unit offering the customer a genuine Bang & Olufsen system master

an elegantly designed cabinet for placement of BeoSystem 2 and a separate box solution, e.g. DVD 1.

In line with our vision of constantly questioning the ordinary in search of surprising and long-lasting experiences, it is crucial for Bang & Olufsen to stand out. The mere offering of a plasma solution with a separate master unit is far from unique in the market today. Still, we put great value in differentiating Bang & Olufsen products from our competitors.

BeoVision 4 - 42 is differentiated by:

A true Bang & Olufsen visual expression and craftsmanship to the last detail with the aluminium frame on the monitor, the design of the cabinet and the possible combination with BeoLab loudspeakers, BeoVision 4 – 42 has a true Bang & Olufsen visual expression. This is characterised by an elegant design, an exquisite choice of materials and craftsmanship to the last detail.

The aluminium frame is mounted on a handmade mainframe made of steel. There are no visible screws or welding notches – even the screws are handmade in order to ensure a smooth surface and not disturb the visual expression. By means of our special surface treatment competences, we have achieved a beautiful yet robust surface of the aluminium on the frame and the cabinet.

BeoVision 4 – 42: a system master that offers freedom of application.

The BeoVision 4 – 42 solution offers not only sublime experiences in a home-cinema setup. It also is fully compatible with the Beolink® system and can work as a system master that distributes sound and/or picture to up to 16 rooms. BeoVision 4 – 42 is a modular system, it has a built-in Dolby® Digital/DTS® module, and it can be integrated with the entire BeoLab loudspeaker range, as well as with Bang & Olufsen audio and video products. There is only one cable between the monitor and the master unit which increases the placement flexibility. All this maximises the freedom of application - only your imagination sets the limits for a true Bang & Olufsen experience.

Easy operation – One remote

Despite the possibility of integrating BeoVision 4 – 42 with many products and features, the operation is well-known and simple – based on one remote: Beo4. This is ensured via the IR-eye which is connected to BeoSystem 2. The built-in Set-top Box Controller is an example of the simplified operation principle of Bang & Olufsen; digital television can be received from a separate satellite box, but still operated with Beo4.

VisionClear – improved picture technologies

VisionClear is a concept developed by Bang & Olufsen that focuses on picture improvement technologies. Among the technologies is the peaking technology, which sharpens the picture by making a simulated contour around objects so that every detail stands out. There is a tendency in the market to overdo the peaking – so that the picture becomes unnaturally sharp. Bang & Olufsen focuses on creating a natural sharpness in the picture – therefore the picture is only peaked to a certain limit. The natural picture is moreover helped by noise reduction. As the peaking technology also makes noise more visible, a noise reduction circuit is incorporated in BeoVision 4 – 42 to compensate for the increased noise. This way BeoVision 4 - 42 offers sharp yet noiseless pictures.

Viewing Comfort – improved viewing experience

The Viewing Comfort concept focuses on the interface between the screen and the user, and between the screen and the room. It has been developed to improve the subjective viewing experience of the user. Viewing Comfort elements in BeoVision 4 – 42 include the anti-reflection coated contrast screen, which reduces reflections of incoming light and improves the black level. The black level of BeoVision 4 – 42 is better than what is generally seen in the market for plasma – meaning that what looks black is more black, rather than grey.

The result is deeper and richer colours. Other Viewing Comfort elements in BeoVision 4 – 42 are electronic curtains and automatic picture format optimisation. (Due to the separation of monitor and master in BeoVision 4 – 42, the Automatic Picture Control feature known from BeoVision 5 and other BeoVision products is not available in BeoVision 4 – 42).

BeoVision 4 - Plasma Product Specifications

Produkt- und Einführungsinformation BeoVision 4-42
Sehr geehrter Fachhandelspartner, wir freuen uns Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass wir in Kürze ein weiteres Produkt Highlight einführen werden: den BeoVision 4-42 von Bang & Olufsen!
Mit dem BeoVision 4-42 lanciert Bang & Olufsen eine modular aufgebaute Home Cinema Lösung mit einem 42" großen Plasma Bildschirm im 16:9 Bildformat und erweitert damit sein Produktportfolio im Plasmabereich um
eine stark nachgefragte Variante.
BeoVision 4-42 besteht aus drei Komponenten
- BeoVision 4-42 Plasmabildschirm
- Beosystem 2 - Mastereinheit
- Kabinett - Videomöbel
Der Plasmabildschirm des BeoVision 4-42 ist speziell für die Wandmontage bzw. für Einbauten vorgesehen. Er ist in einem silberfarbenen gebürsteten Aluminiumrahmen gefasst, basierend auf den gleichen Prinzipien wie beim
BeoVision 5. Das Design des Rahmens lässt den wandmontierten Bildschirm wie ein Gemälde schweben. Viewing Comfort, VisionClear und Anti-Reflexbeschichtung des Bildschirms gehören zur Standardausstattung
und sorgen für unübertroffene Bildqualität.
Das Beosystem 2 ist die Mastereinheit für den BeoVision 4-42 Plasmabildschirm und wird als „black box“-Lösung angeboten, um im Kabinett-Möbel platziert zu werden. Die Mastereinheit des Beosystem 2 wird über die Beo4 mit
einem externen Infrarot-Auge bedient und ist mit folgenden
Produkt-Features ausgestattet:
Dolby Digital Surround Sound Dekoder
Set-Top -Box Controlle
Bild -in-Bild
Master Link Modul und
HF Modulator
Das Kabinett selbst ähnelt dem bekannten Video-Möbel vom Typ 2164 und glänzt ebenfalls mit einer silberfarbenen Aluminiumfront. Das Schubladensystem bietet Platz für das Beosystem 2 und weiteren Stauraum für eine optional anzuschließende Videoquelle wie DVD1, V 8000 oder einen externen Dekoder.
Der BeoVision 4-42 verbindet – ebenso wie der BeoVision 5-42 – die derzeit beste Plasma-Technologie mit den Kompetenzen, für die Bang & Olufsen seit jeher steht: Herausragendes Design, sorgfältigste Verarbeitung sowie
einzigartige Leistung und Qualität.
Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung in Deutschland und Österreich bzw. der Verkaufspreis in der Schweiz des BeoVision 4-42 (inkl. Beosystem 2 und Kabinett) wird bei ca. Produkteinführung findet im ersten Quartal 2004 (Kalenderjahr) statt.
Freuen Sie sich mit uns auf den neuen BeoVision 4 -42 von Bang & Olufsen!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bang & Olufsen Central Europe
BVS/TWI, Gilching, Mitte November 2003
vorläufige Produkt- und Einführungsinformationen
zum BeoVision 4-42
Produkt: BeoVision 4-42
Typennummer: N.N.
Farbe: silber
Einführungszeitraum: 1. Quartal 2004 (Kalenderjahr)
Positionierung: Der BeoVision 4-42 ist die modular aufgebaute
Plasma-Heimkino-Lösung von Bang & Olufsen.
bzw. Verkaufspreis: ca. € 15.200,— / ca. CHF 22.800
Home Cinema Enthusiasten
Trendsetter in Technologie & Design
Business-Bereich zu repräsentativen Zwecken
Bang & Olufsen Kunden;
Cross Selling speziell bei AV 9000, Avant
modularer Aufbau mit den Komponenten:
42“ Plasmabildschirm
Beosystem 2 Mastereinheit
modulare Home Cinema Lösung für ultimativen
Designobjekt mit unübertroffener Bildqualität
derzeit beste Plasma-Technologie
VisionClear, Viewing Comfort
Bang & Olufsen Kernkompetenzen
Technische Features Plasmabildschirm:
42“ Bildschirm mit den Abmessungen (BxHxT):
106 x 65 x13 cm (inkl. Wandhalterung)
Rahmen: (BxH): 121 x 73 cm
Gewicht: 32 kg
Bilddiagonale: 42“ (1056mm) Plasma Display
Seitenverhältnis: 16:9 (wide screen)
Antireflexbeschichtete Kontrastfilterscheibe
Technische Features Beosystem 2:
Abmessungen (BxHxT): 33 x 37 x 27 cm
Gewicht: 11,8 kg
Dolby® Digital Surround Sound Dekoder
Set-Top-Box Controller
Bild -in-Bild
Master Link Modul
HF Systemmodulator
Technische Features Kabinett:
Schwarzer Korpus mit Aluminiumfront, silberfarben
Abmessungen (BxHxT): 50 x 56 x 40 cm
Gewicht: 23 kg
Unterbringung für Beosystem 2 und ein Fach für
DVD1, V 8000 oder einen externen Dekoder.

BeoVision 4 EU Specifications
Types: AUS 8965, EEU 896, F(GB) 896, GB-EXP 896, HK 8963, ITA 8964, A-B-D-E-N-NL-SF-S-EXP 8961, CH 8962, DK 8960

Screen and picture when combined with Beosystem 1
Plasma display panel WXGA, HDTV ready
Diagonal picture size 126,9 cm
Aspect ratio 16:9 (wide-screen)
Front mounted contrast screen Anti-reflection coated glass
Scanning formats 480p, 1080i
Picture display formats: Format 1: Panorama
Format 2: Letterbox zoom
Format 3: 16:9
Viewing comfort Electronic curtain
Picture format optimisation
Tint settings stored per channel
VisionClear Motion compensated progressive scan
Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Vertical peaking
Automatic skin tone correction
Specifications: Dimensions W x H x D
(Dimensions W x H x D including wall bracket 1061 x 651 x 100 mm) 1061 x 651 x 130 mm
Weight 32 kg

Cabinet finish:
Colour variants: Black
Frame and front panel are available in silver
Mains voltage range 220-240V +/- 10%, 50 Hz typical
Power consumption Typical: 265 W, standby: 1.8 W
Diagonal picture size 42" (1056 mm) Plasma display panel
Aspect ratio 16:9 (wide-screen)
Contrast screen
Picture when combined with BeoSystem 2 (link to BeoSystem 2) Front mounted contrast screen
Picture display formats Format 1: Panorama
Format 2: Letterbox zoom
Format 3: 16:9
Viewing comfort Anti-reflection coating on contrast screen
Picture format optimisation
Electronic curtain

Teletext Digital Adaptive Luminance Peaking
Adaptive noise reduction
Vertical peaking
Motion compensated progressive scan
Digital Colour Transient Improvement (CTI)
Green enhancement
Adaptive black
Teletext level 2½, 1780 pages
Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
FastText (FLOF), 4 memory pages per programme
17 Teletext languages in 7 groups

Operation conditions Temperature 0 - 40 C
Humidity 35% - 80%
Minimum outside air pressure : 833hPa
Dimensions W x H x D Wall bracket, BeoVision 4
1030 x 634 x 32 mm

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