BeoVision 400

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Manufactured: 1965 - 1966
Designer: David Lewis and Henning Moldenhawer

Beovision 400 was a transportable television designed in 1965 by the young David Lewis and Henning Moldenhawer while working under the direction of Jacob Jensen.


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BeoVision 400 Product Specifications

Beovision 400 Specifications

Sound Detector Ratio detector
Sound IF 5,5 Mc/s 4 circuits (2 bandpass filters)
Supply voltage 220 V AC or 12 V DC
Stabilized against mains-voltage variations
May be altered for operation from 240 V AC or 200 V AC
Control Circuit Line-pulse controlled automatic gain control
Fuses One 4-amp. rapid-acting; one 400-mA rapid-acting; one 80-mA rapid-acting
Synchronization Automatic line hold; Vertical hold adjustable by means of potentiometer on rear plate
Fly-back Fly-back lines blanked for both horizontal and vertical deflection
Power Output 1,3 W
Weight 14 kg (inclusive of UHF unit)

VHF tuning Coil turret with automatic fine tuning by means of mechanical memory device
UHF tuning Continuous
UHF Aerial impedance 240 ohms balanced
UHF Aerial impedance 240 ohms balanced
Controls Knobs: Volume control, tone control, brightness control, contrast control, selector, UHF tuning vertical hol
Push-buttons: On/Off switch, UHF/VHF switch
Picture dimensions 16 in
Video IF 38,9 Mc/s. 12 circuits (4 bandpass filters, 3 series raps for sound and adjacent channels, and a 5,5 Mc/s. series trap)
Wave bands VHF-channels 2-11
UHF channels 21-70
Power consumption 50 W on 220 V
Approx. 2,5 amps on accumulator
Speaker LE 460
Dimensions W x H x D: 44 x 31,9 x 26,4cm

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