BeoVision 3800

Manufactured: 1978 - 1980
Designer: David Lewis and Henning Moldenhawer
Colours: Teak or rosewood

Beovision 3800 and 3900 were 22" colour TV receivers finished in genuine wood veneers (teak or rosewood). They superceded models 3602 and 3702 in 1979. The sets were slim and elegant and their classic design suited any home décor according to the 1979 - 80 catalogue. High Bright picture tubes allowed for satisfactory daylight viewing since they permitted around 70% more light than from the screen than conventional picture tubes.

Beovision 3800 was for direct (set box) operation while Beovision 3900 permitted you to operate the set via an ultrasonic remote control handset. Beovision 3900 could also be supplied equipped for Teletext reception.

Automatic cut-off circuits guaranteed correct balance between the three basic colours (red, green blue) even after a long period of use. In fact, these sets incorporated every refinement which still makes Bang & Olufsen's television sets among the market's best. VCR programmes could be played without additional technical adjustment. There was an automatic synchronisation on all channels.

A choice of two mobile undercarriages were available. A tall undercarriage (42cm high, type 3057) depicted here, and a lower one (34cm, type 3058). Both were sold as optional accessories


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BeoVision 3800 Product Specifications

Technical data for Beovision 3800
Additional data for Beovision 3900
Types: 3504, 3505 (1978 - Oct 1980)

Picture tube: 56cm (nominal) 20AX in-line High Bright
Start time: Approx 5 seconds
Tuning: 8 pre-sets with AFC; UHF channels 21-68
Aerial input: 75 ohms co-ax
Sound output: 6,5W RMS
Harmonic distortion: <0,8%
Frequency response: 60 - 15KHz +/- 1,5dB (amplifier)
Bass control: +/- 5dB/100Hz
Treble control: +/-10dB/10000Hz

Optional accessories:
Undercarriage - 34cm high: type 3058
Undercarriage - 42cm high: type 3057
Headphone/ext. speaker kit: 8003207
Tape/amplifier kit: 8003208
Dimensions (HxWxD): 43 x 67,5 x 40,5cm
Power supply: 180 - 265V AC 50Hz
Power consumption: 110W
Weight: 28 kg
3524 (1978 - March 1982)
16 CH 3523 (1978 - June 1980)
GB 3525 (1978 - June 1980)
Picture tube size: 56cm (nominal)
Cabinet: wood veneer
Automatic AFC
Automatic cut off
Number of programmes: 8 UHF
Range: UHF 21 - 69 (VHF 2 - 12)
Picture tube: 110° in line
Start time: approx. 5 sec
Aerial impedance: 75 ohms coaxial

Sound power output: 6.5 W
Harmonic distortion: < 0.8 %
Frequency range: +/- 1.5 dB 60 - 15,000 Hz
Bass control: +/- 5 dB / 100 Hz
Treble control: +/- 10 dB / 10000 Hz

Power supply: 180 - 265 V
Power consumption: 1150 W
Stand by: 1.5 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 67.5 x 43 x 40.5cm
Weight 29 kg

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