BeoVision 3602

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Manufactured: 1977 - 1979
Designer: David Lewis and Henning Moldenhawer
Colours: Teak or rosewood

Like other Bang & Olufsen colour TVs, Beovision 3602 had the automatic cut-off regulating circuit which ensured natural colours throughout the set's useful lifetime. The in-line picture tube allowed for easier and better convergence in order to avoid the usual discoloured edges - not least when viewing a black & white transmission.

Internally the Beovision 3602 was identical to the Beovision 3502 so one obtained the same outstanding picture quality and equally good sound reproduction from the large, forward-facing loudspeaker.

On the easy-touch panel one could select programmes and turn on the set in the same action. Regulators that are not used often are hidden in tow touch-release compartments - one for sound and one for video adjustments. Power consumption was exceedingly low - only 110 watts and the low heat generation made this set suitable for placing in a shelving unit.

Optional accessories: Mobile X-shaped undercarriage or trumpet-shaped stand, both in polished alloy.

BeoVision 3602 Product Specifications

Market: GB
Type: 3508 - 1977-04/79
Type: 3509 - 1977-12/78

Picture size 22" - 56 cm
Cabinet Wood
Start time Ca. 5 sec.
Automatic Aut. cut off
Number of programs 8 VHF - UHF
Easy touch
Ranges VHF 2 - 12
UHF 21 - 69

Speaker Forward-facing pressure chamber
Deflection angle 110° in line
Aerial impedance 75 ohms coaxial common VHF - UHF
Sound section
Power output EMS 1000 Hz 6.5 watts
Distortion at specified output < 0.8 %
Frequency responce
Amplifier +/- 1.5 dB 60 - 15,000 Hz
Acoustical +/- 10 dB 60 - 20,000 Hz
Bass control +/- 5 dB / 100 Hz
Treble control +/- 10 dB / 10,000 Hz
Power supply 180 - 265 volts
Power consumption 115 watts
Stand by 1.5 watts

Dimensions W x H x D 61 x 41 x 42 cm
Weight 27 kg

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