BeoVision 1600/1601

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Manufactured: 1971 - 1978
Colours: Rosewood/Teak

The Beovision 1600 replaced the Beovision 1400 range and included a new all-transistor chassis. As before, a 24” wide-angle tube was fitted, the largest monochrome tube that was available at the time. In contrast to the 1400 range, only one cabinet style was available, a table model, though this could be fitted with an optional pillar stand for free-standing use. The design was simple and elegant, with the minimum of cabinet work around the screen.

The controls were all of a new design, and concealed when not in use. Each one was mounted in a small latching drawer marked with a graphical symbol to represent its function. To adjust a setting (volume, brightness etc), one only had to touch the relevant drawer lightly and it would open, allowing access to an edgewise rotary control. The tuning worked in a similar manner, where the tuning controls were hidden inside the channel selector buttons. To adjust the tuning, one would press the button one wished to adjust, thus selecting the channel, then press again to slide out the drawer to reveal the tuning scale and control.

To make the most of the instant picture possibilities that the adoption of transistors (instead of the valves in previous models) offered, the heater of the picture tube of the Beovision 1600 was left energised at all times. In order to extend the life of the tube, when the set was switched “off”, the heater was run at a slightly lower level of power. Even despite this, the picture appeared truly instantly as soon as the “on” button was pressed, something that no other range of Beovision TV sets has been capable of since.

The rest of the design was quite conventional, with the exception of the voltage regulator which could tolerate a very wide range of mains voltages without picture disturbance.

The Beovision 1600 was the last large-screen monochrome Beovision model.

BeoVision 1600/1601 Product Specifications

3804 (1971 - Dec 1972)
3813 (1971 - Sept 1978)
K, GB 3806 (1971 - 1972)
Picture tube: 61cm (4:3)
Vertical and horizontal hold: automatic
Flyback: blanked for vertical and horizontal deflection
Tuning: 6-button diode tuning

Power output: 5 W
Distortion: < 1% at 4W/1000 Hz
Speaker: 800 ohms oval type, forward-facing
Tone controls: continuously variable bass and treble
Sound Intermediate Frequency Sound IF amplifier & detector employing integrated circuits
Single-tuned filter and 4.43 MHz < filter
Quadrature circuit

Dimensions W x H x D: 62 x 43.6 x 39cm
Weight: 24 kg
Mains voltage: 190 - 265 V without switching
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: 100 W
Connections: Inputs UHF aerial: 75 ohms
Outputs Tape recorder output requires installation of a type 8903044 tape recorder kit

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