BeoVox 1500 Passive Loudspeakers

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Manufactured: 1967 - 1969

Review thanks to BeoWorld member Sajpratty - Thanks Steve.

BV1500 - some personal listening notes

Test environment...

BeoMaster 1000 (white key version, tone controls all at neutral)

BeoGram 1000 (SP 6-7)

Side-by-side comparison with BV1000 (all speakers still on original capacitors)

Correct period (for sound balance) sources:

Arthur Lyman "Taboo" (chosen for range of instruments and no remix "work")

(a 1958 pressing recorded 16-20000 cps, mono)

The Beatles "Please Please Me"

(a 1964 pressing, mono)

Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, Alexander Gibson and the LPO

(a 1967 pressing, stereo)

Bass response

Very deep, deeper than the BV1000 and better defined. Close to the lower limits of my ears but still easy to hear the different notes played.

The BV1000, in contrast, never gave the impression that the lower ranges of my hearing were being tested.

Treble response

Very similar in quality to the BV1000, but reached a bit higher without losing detail. Very sensitive to positioning, quite directional, possibly more so than the BV1000.

Midrange balance

Adjustable to taste (5-position switch at rear.)

General impressions

Double bass - low, defined, easy to hear the different notes played, very easy to tell the difference from electric bass.

Grand piano - I've stood next to real pianos being played, this sounded and felt exactly the same.

Flute - nice and "woody" sounding.

Sleigh bells - sounded clear and resonant.

Cymbals - bright and well defined.

Snare drum - I've had a go on one of these, this also sounded exactly the same.

Orchestral - sounded nice on the BV1000's but the BV1500's raised goosebumps.

In use - I prefer the BV1000's for voice and the BV1500's for music.

BeoVox 1500 Passive Loudspeakers Product Specifications

Beovox 1500 Specifications

Dimensions: 635 (width) x 280 (height) x 305mm (depth),
Volume 38 Liters.
Three-way with crossover frequencies at 800Hz and 5KHz.

Woofer : Seas 28/17 TV-GW
Midrange : Peerless G 50 MRC
Tweeter : Peerless MT 25 HFC

Frequency range 45-18000Hz (DIN 45570).
Power rating 15W (25W max).
Impedance 4 Ohms.

Available in Teak and Rosewood.
Has a midrange adjustment (rotating switch with 5 settings) at the back.
A 2 pin DIN socket is provided to attach an external tweeter such as the Beovox 2500.

Created: 9th December 2006
Modified: 30th August 2010

Author Notes:

Thanks to BeoWorld member 'Powerslide' for images 2 & 3 !!

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