BeoCom 1401 Corded Analogue Telephone

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Manufactured: 1996 - present
Designer: Martin Iseli
Colours: black, blue, yellow, red, terracotta, green and gr

BeoCom 1401 is an easy-to-use telephone with simple functionality. Choose between a wall-mounted version and a tabletop model offering optional volume control for recent B&O products and from a wide array of strong colours. It's also a no-nonsense telephone. The range is simple, straightforward and functional and at the same time offering incredible flexibility. It's possible to combine different colours with both a wall and table holder and to incorporate a volume control for Bang & Olufsen's audio-video products.


Memory for 10 numbers, redial function for the last number, adjustable volume control, microphone mute and optional AV volume control


With its wide range of colours and unlimited placement options, BeoCom 1401 offers a level of flexibility that makes it just as easy to live with as it is to use


Do you want your telephone to match with the surroundings or to stand out from the crowd? Take a look at the different colours you can choose for your BeoCom telephone and decide for yourself. Choose between black, blue, yellow, red, terracotta, green and grey

A/V Control

Have you ever tried to hold a telephone conversation while the television or loud music is blaring away in the background? With the optional AV volume control in the tabletop version of BeoCom 1401 you can adjust the volume on your Bang & Olufsen audio-video products directly from your telephone

General keypad

The keypad is built directly into the handset of BeoCom 1401 offering easy access to all functions.

BeoCom 1401 Corded Analogue Telephone Product Specifications

Left - BeoCom 1400 handset on left, BeoCom 1401 handset on right
Colours: Black, blue, green, yellow, grey, terracotta and red
Placement: Wall (or base)
Memory (Phonebook): 10 numbers
Redial: 1 number
Volume control: yes
Microphone mute: yes
Ringer settings: yes
A/ V volume control: depending on holder
Option: additional audio-video volume control
Table holder: yes

Dimension W x H x D: 50 x 200 x 6 mm
Weight: 155g

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Created: 7th December 2006
Modified: 10th February 2007

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