BeoCom 1500 Corded Analogue Telephone

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Manufactured: 1992 - 1994
Designer: Martin Iseli
Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Yellow, Terracotta

BeoCom 1400 and BeoCom 1500 were the first in the 'new' series of Bang & Olufsen telephones after the classic BeoCom 2000. The 1400 and 1500 series had a keypad integrated into the handset and not within the base like BeoCom 1600 and 2400.

This made the phone very compact. However, the sound quality was just as high as the more expensive phones because the two phones featured the same type of bass reflex speaker. Since everything is integrated in the handset, Bang & Olufsen offered no less than five different holders. Three different holders for wall mounting, one simple, and one with a built-in notebook.

There was also a version with an infra-red module to control the volume on main Bang & Olufsen equipment. Two table bases were also available, with and without the above-mentioned infra-red module. The main difference between BeoCom 1400 and 1500 is that the 1400 didn't have memory capabilities or volume control.

BeoCom 1500 Corded Analogue Telephone Product Specifications

Country Type Intro. Year Last sold
1991 Q2 1992 Q4

Category: Corded.
Line interface 1 analog.

Dimensions WxHxD: Depending on base.
Weight: Depending on base.
Placement: Wall or Desktop.
Finish: Black, Blue, Green, Red.

Memory (Phonebook):
up to 10 numbers.
Redial: 1 numbers.

Volume control 2 pos.
Microphone mute
Ringer settings.
Audio / Video volume control ( depending on base )

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