BeoLab 3500 Active Link Room Loudspeaker

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Manufactured: 1997 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Aluminium/Black

BeoLab 3500 was the first-ever dedicated Beolink® speaker ever released from Bang & Olufsen.

At first it was designated LCS 9000 (Local Control System 9000 from 1992 to 1993) and was manufactured for the old Beolink® system, Master Control Link. But since one of Bang & Olufsen's great advantages is compatibility it was of course already prepared for the new Master Link system.

Being a Beolink® speaker it houses all the electronics within it required to work as a part in a Beolink® system. No additional boxes are needed - only a cable between the hi-fi and the speaker. Even an infra-red transceiver is built in. BeoLab 3500 also has a display and a digital clock built in.

BeoLab 3500 is an active loudspeaker with two speakers for stereo sound and an integrated Beolink® receiver-unit complements the unit. It has been specially designed for the distribution of sound to rooms in which one moves around a lot, such as the kitchen. For the bedroom, a workshop, basement or even a children's room, a BeoLab 3500 could be the right solution with full remote control via Beo4. A dedicated Beolink® loudspeaker, it fits into its standard bracket on the wall, on top of a book case, or over the door in the dining room. Its red LED display keeps you informed about which source you are playing.

With two bass and treble loudspeakers, each with its own amplifier, the sound level can be adjusted independently of the other loudspeakers in the system. Hang BeoLab 3500 on the wall on its standard wall bracket or use the optional polished aluminium stand to display it on a shelf or table.

"When it comes to sound reproduction we believe there's only one relevant parameter: How close can we come to the originally recorded sound. We feel an obligation not to disturb the intentions of the artist by adding unnatural elements to the acoustic image. Therefore all Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers share the same goal. They differ in size and shape and in terms of sound pressure level. But they are all developed to reproduce the natural, unaltered sound as closely as possible " - Bang & Olufsen catalogue 2001 - 2002

BeoLab 3500 as part of a Beolink® system:

BeoLab 3500 is an integrated link-room active loudspeaker comprising a Master Link (ML) connection, an IR receiver and a digital display. BeoLab 3500 also has Master Control Link (MCL) connection and a built-in clock.

BeoLab 3500 is supplied with a mains lead, a Master Link cable and a bracket for wall mounting is available as an optional accessory.


BeoLab 3500 is used in link rooms where you wish to have an integrated active speaker. From the BeoLab 3500 it is possible to listen to both audio and video sources from the main room. There is built-in sound control, which means that tone, volume, balance and loudness controls can be adjusted independently of the main room.

BeoLab 3500 Active Link Room Loudspeaker Product Specifications

Dimensions: 111x9.5x11cm
Weight: 10 kg
Cabinet finish Polished aluminium
Max. sound pressure 97 dB stereo
Power amplifier modules 4
Long-term max. output, power/module 71 W
Effective frequency range 56 - 20 000 Hz
Cabinet principal: Bass Reflex

New drivers have also been introduced on the model as from June 2006: woofer 9 cm and tweeter 1.9 cm.

Most recent S/W 2.1

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Created: 1st December 2006
Modified: 22nd July 2008

Author Notes:

Beoworld says: Think of this speakers as two BL6000s put together and you won't be far wrong. Nice display and reasonable sound though obviously stereo sound separation is limited. Very good choice where an unobtrusive speaker is required. Much better than the 2000.

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