BeoLab 4 Active Loudspeakers

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Manufactured: 2005 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Grey

"BeoLab 4 is a compact, flexible loudspeaker concept at a highly attractive price point. In addition to its use with the BeoSound 4 music system, BeoLab 4 can also be combined with PCs or be part of other Bang & Olufsen music systems. Offering a large number of positioning options, BeoLab 4 is scheduled for initial roll-out in the second quarter "- taken from Bang & Olufsen's Financial Report, August 2005 .

BeoLab 4 was launched in November 2005 as a new entry-level loudspeaker concept. They are designed to be discreet yet offer exceptional performance for their size. They can be used as stereo loudspeakers with an audio system, as front or rear loudspeakers within a surround sound set-up, and as link room loudspeakers or with a computer.

BeoLab 4 are 2-way stereo loudspeakers with a 2cm tweeter and a 10 cm bass loudspeaker. Each driver is powered by a 30 Watt ICE power amplifier. They also feature a placement switch to adapt the bass performance depending on their position in the room. This is similar in operation to BeoLab 2 with a wall-mounted, corner or free-standing position. In line with the versatile concept, BeoLab 4 adapts its bass performance to the specific placement in the room. A switch is set to match a wall-mounted position, a corner position or a free-standing position to ensure optimum performance. BeoLab 4 features Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL), Bang & Olufsen's proprietary technology for ensuring superior bass performance from loudspeaker cabinets with modest physical dimensions.

Pyramid power to super charge your laptop

With a 3.5 mm mini jack Line input, dedicated PC mode and low price, BeoLab 4 is a realistic solution to be sold with non B&O masters such as PCs or as even for portable MP3 players There are two new adaptors to support connection to these sources:

6270273 2 - piece set of 3.5 mm mono mini plug > RCA M, for BL4 w/ non B&O system.

6270250 3.5mm stereo mini plug > 2 x 3.5 mono mini plugs for PC connected to BL4s


To support the versatility of the loudspeaker, BeoLab 4 is supported with a range of stand options. On its built-in foot, BeoLab 4 can easily be placed on a bookshelf or a table. Furthermore, BeoLab 4 can be mounted on the wall or to the ceiling by means of the optional wall and ceiling brackets. Finally BeoLab 4 can be placed on a dedicated floor stand.

Colour options

The covers are made of a special fabric and will be available in 4 different colours – Black, Dark Grey, Red and Blue. Thanks to a simple snap-on system, it is easy for the customer to change to another colour if required.

With the release of the BeoLab 4 loudspeaker, Bang & Olufsen has once again shown that excellent sound is wonderfully compatible with the design and crafting of a compact and intriguing cabinet. BeoLab 4 will be available towards the end of 2005. Despite its modest size, the pyramid-shaped BeoLab 4 is a true hi-fi loudspeaker, with the amplifier built in to the loudspeaker unit and a range of Bang & Olufsen proprietary acoustic technologies ensuring the best performance. In terms of design and placement options, BeoLab 4 is the perfect accompaniment to the new BeoSound 4 audio system, and the small dimensions suit well as rear speakers for home cinema, or as superbly performing PC loudspeakers.

Flexibility is the key

“In today’s audio market, flexibility is central to our business. Our customers expect to be able to hear music wherever they may be, without any diminishment in quality,” says Michael Jensen, Product Manager, Bang & Olufsen. “BeoLab 4 complements our other BeoLab loudspeakers and sound solutions by ensuring that listening experiences from the living room to the bedroom or home office are of an equally high quality.”

It is often unnecessary to use large loudspeakers as the rear speakers for home cinema, and BeoLab 4 can fill this role. Furthermore, BeoLab 4 has a dedicated PC mode, making it a superbly performing PC loudspeaker. Bang & Olufsen’s well-known BeoLink system ensures the total integration of all entertainment at home, and BeoLab 4 is a great solution for remote loudspeakers that can be placed discretely around the house and linked to home entertainment systems.

A perfect blend of expression and technology

BeoLab 4 is available with a range of stand options for the wall, floor or table that complement the stands for the new BeoSound 4 audio system. BeoLab 4 can even be tastefully hung from the ceiling, and the cloth covers are available in four colours. Three bass presets ensure that BeoLab 4 performs according to its placement in a room – whether in a corner, against a wall, or free-standing in the room.

BeoLab 4 is, like all BeoLab loudspeakers, an active loudspeaker, meaning that the amplifier unit is placed in the cabinet to ensure no deterioration of signal strength between the amplifier and loudspeaker unit. The ICEpower amplifier unit used is a patented Bang & Olufsen solution, allowing for an ultra-compact design, high power output, and cool operation. Adaptive Bass Linearisation, another proprietary Bang & Olufsen technology, offers superior bass performance from modestly- dimensioned loudspeaker cabinets. In addition, circuit protection technology ensures BeoLab 4 never overheats.

Mounting Options

BeoLab4 were conceived as a table top speaker with optional floor stands featuring a stainless steel turned pole. Cables could not be internally routed within the stand and so a silver sock was supplied, which proved not to be popular.

BeoLab 4 Active Loudspeakers Product Specifications

Part numbers:
BeoLab 4 1665000
BeoLab 4 cover red 1604244
BeoLab 4 cover black 1604246
BeoLab 4 cover blue 1604248
BeoLab 4 cover dark grey 1604249
Ceiling bracket 1217711
Floor stand 1217811
Wall bracket 1217911
Cable for PC connection 6270250
Cable Pack (2 x PowerLink and 2 x mains) 3375562

Designer David Lewis
Dimensions/weight 21.5 x 19.7 x 20.5 cm / 1.7 kg
Cabinet/cloth finish Black, dark grey, red and blue
Power consumption Typical 7 W, standby 0.5 W
Power amplifier 35 watts, Class D, bass and treble
Cabinet principle Bass reflex
Woofer 10 cm concave diaphragm
Tweeter 1.9 cm fabric dome
Cabinet volume 1.55 litres
Bass equaliser Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL)
Connections Power Link (one); Line/PC (mini jack)
Accessories Aluminium floor stand, ceiling bracket, and wall bracket

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Created: 1st December 2006
Modified: 19th February 2019

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Beoworld says: Compact speakers suited for a PC. These are not Hi-Fi ! Think CX50. Very expensive for what you get! A pair of second hand Beolab 4000s will blow them away!

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