BeoMaster 6000 Tuner/Amplifier Types 225x

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Manufactured: 1981 - 1987
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Rosewood, Teak, White

This extremely distinctive and beautiful FM stereo receiver from Bang & Olufsen used the very latest technology, both in its complex audio circuitry and in the microcomputer-based control systems which made it such an effortless and pleasurable product to use - whether or not you decided to include the optional remote control facility. The specialist radio section concentrated on the superb sound quality available from FM transmissions.

It covered the entire FM band from 87,5 to 108 MHz and incorporated the most advanced techniques for accurate, drift-free stereo reception.

The amplifier gave 2 x 75 watts RMS with an extremely low level (0,8%) of harmonic distortion. Clean, clear sound - always. Two 24-hour timers allowed you to play or record any sound source automatically. You didn't even have to be at home. Or, if you wanted to be sure of hearing the same news programme every evening you could set the Repeat function to remember for you - day after day.

Connections included sockets for a record deck and two tape decks (DIN or RCA phono plugs) plus graphic equaliser, headphones and two pairs of loudspeakers.

Beomaster 6000 formed the heart of Beosystem 6000 and was designed by Jacob Jensen.

BeoMaster 6000 Tuner/Amplifier Types 225x Product Specifications

2251 (1981 - May 1986)
GB 2252 (1981 - May 1987)
US 2253 (1981 - Feb 1987)
J 2254 (1981 - Dec 1982)
Continuous power output per channel: 75 W at 8 ohms
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.08 %
IHF Intermodulation: < 0.05 %

Bass control at 40 Hz: +/- 11 dB
Treble control at 12.500 Hz: +/- 11 dB

Power supply:
2251 220V
2252 240V
2253 120V
2254 100V

Power consumption: 50 - 320 W
Dimensions W x H x D: 52.5 x 15 x 38cm
Weight: 14 kg
RIAA amplifier: built-in

Connections: Speakers 2 sets
Phono: DIN
Tape 1: DIN
Tape 2: Phono
Headphones jack

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