BeoGram 1800 Record Deck

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Manufactured: 1984 - 1986
Designer: Jacob Jensen
Colours: Aluminium

This radial-tracking deck combined ease of operation with superb performance specifications. It featured a new, advanced type of tone arm carrying the remarkable MMC5 pick-up with its unframed, elliptical diamond stylus. The platter was of a lightweight design (400 grams) to reduce torque at starting.

Its carefully milled profile, with large metal surfaces set between slim bands of Nextell, ensured high electrical capacitance between the record and the metal, effectively earthing static charges without actual contact. It was driven by a flat rubber belt from a tacho-controlled DC motor. The belt's compliance acted as a mechanical filter, preventing motor vibrations from reaching the record and stylus.

To complement this improved arm/cartridge combination Beogram 1800 had a new faster-acting movement control system with separate cam wheels for vertical and horizontal arm movement, so that automatic operation gave you music within a very few seconds. So cueing was really fast, but still careful of your records.

For improved record safety, you could operate normal PLAY and STOP functions while the lid was closed. Just one touch - the rest was automatic. Record size and speed was identified by the Beogram's logic circuits. Beogram 1800's slim plinth had a brushed aluminium finish.

Opening the lid gave access to three further function controls: CUE, 33 and 45 speed overrides (for non-standard discs).

Beogram 1800 was designed by Jacob Jensen and at the 1969 Hanover Fair Bang & Olufsen and Jacob Jensen were presented with the iF award for no less than 4 products for 'outstanding industrial design' including Beogram 1800.

Types: 5811 (1984 - Aug 1984); USA 5813 (1984 - Feb 1986)

These are probably the slimmest looking record player available. Quite a bit of this is down to clever visual tricks and surprisingly, the decks related to this model all looked thicker. It sold well and may were bought to work with non B&O systems. It shared the excellent suspension of its predecessors and had the new cartridge mounting. Now available for little money, this is a superb sounding deck. Highly recommended.

Mounting Options

Bang & Olufsen's preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a wall mount solution as a general option for Bang & Olufsen Turntables. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB option adds to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Wall Mounting Bracket

Wall Bracket / Shelf for BeoGram

A universal shelf that will support all Bang & Olufsen turntables from the past 30 years. Including three cable entry points to allow you to bring cables from below the shelf or through the wall.

BeoGram 1800 Record Deck Product Specifications

Types: 5811, 5813, 5814, 5815
Bearing: Knife vertical, ball horizontal
Tracking force range: 0-20 mN/2g
Tracking error: 0.11 degrees/cm
Antiskating: Integrated in tone arm system
Arm friction vertical: 0.019 mN
Arm friction horizontal: 0.19mN
Arm length: 229mm
Wow & flutter DIN: <+/- 0.09%
Wow & flutter WRMS: <+/- 0.045%
Speeds: 33 - 45 rpm Rumble weighted: >62 dB
Rumble unweighted: >42 dB
Speed deviation: <+/- 0.1%
Drive system: electronic servo drive & belt
Motor: DC Tacho
Power supply: 180 - 265 (110) V
Pickup: MMC5
Power frequency: 60-60Hz
Power consumption: 8 watts
Dimensions WxHxD: 44 x 8,5 (37cm with lid raised) x 33cm
Weight: 6kg
Finish: Aluminium

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Created: 29th November 2006
Modified: 19th September 2012

Author Notes:

Beoworld says: very slim looking deck with similar performance to 1700 but with new cartridge range. Possibly takes light weight just that bit too far. Faster automatic mechanism seems a little jerkier than before. Very good value though.

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