BeoVision 4 - 85" Plasma Television

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Manufactured: 2011 - 2013
Colours: Silver, Black, Gold

The smaller version of the Bang & Olufsen 'Goliath' Plasma Televisions, the BeoVision 4- 85 featured the latest Panasonic 3D enabled Plasma Screen. Processing was done via the 3D BeoSystem 3 (Type 7711) and to be fair, at the time this was fantastic image quality and motion handling. The panel itself was housed in the rounded frame style of the current (at the time) 50" and 65" versions of the BeoVision 4 which gave quite a smooth and slick look.

The default 'package' for most Dealers saw the screen sitting on the incredible piece of engineering which was the hydraulic 'motorised floor stand' which lifted the screen up and then slightly backwards to reveal the BeoLab 10 Mono Centre Speaker. The BeoSystem 3 and associated cabling was housed behind an MDF cabinet which hooked onto and over the rear. This motorised floor stand was a very theatrical way to turn the TV on, but after spending almost £70,000 on a TV you'd certainly demand some entertaining!

Panel failure was an issue on some models which presented rather a problem towards the end of the warranty period as Panasonic had stopped making them, but the ones which kept going seem to be reliable enough.

Technologically a dinosaur these days, but very impressive nonetheless due to the colossal screen size!


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BeoVision 4 - 85" Plasma Television Product Specifications

Created: 19th February 2019
Modified: 2nd March 2019

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