BeoVision 12 - 65" Plasma Television

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Manufactured: 2012 - 2014
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Cabinet: Black, Frame: Silver/Black, Grille: Alumi

Sight and Sound to Stimulate Your Senses

BeoVision 12 is a breathtaking, 65-inch television, with an ultra-slim plasma screen and 3D capabilities. The first thing you will notice about BeoVision 12 is that although it is impressive in size, it actually appears thinner than it is. This seeming weightlessness is achieved through a unique optical illusion.

Observe the exceptionally slim, black aluminium frame enveloping the television, and notice what you don’t see. There are no joints or seams interrupting the flow of the frame. This is achieved by imprinting the frame from one large piece of aluminium foil. The result is a seamless, uniform surface that is almost like watching a moving picture on glass.

The integrated centre speaker is placed beneath the screen. The anodised aluminium grill features a curving wave design that includes 5,000 holes in an elegant elliptical shape.

BeoVision 12 fits directly on the wall, with a unique mounting solution. The wall bracket is semi-integrated into the rear cabinet, with the goal of adding miniscule millimetres to the television as it lifts from the wall. The video engine of BeoVision 12 is hidden out of sight, in a cabinet or special room where all external equipment can be tucked away.

Mounting Options

BeoVision 12 - 65" Plasma Television Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS (W x H x D): Floor - 161 x 96.4 x 7.4cm / Wall - 161 x 96.4 x 7.2 cm

WEIGHT: Floor - 81.3kg / Wall - 60kg

MATERIAL(S): Aluminium

RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)

3D FUNCTION: Requires active shutter glasses

LOUDSPEAKER: Integrated centre speaker for surround sound use

POWER AMPLIFIERS: 5 x Class D ICEpower; 4 x 80W midrange amplifiers, 45W tweeter amplifier


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