Junior Models in General

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Manufactured: 1936 - 1955

The first receiver with the Junior name was from 1936 and the last was Junior 510 from 1955.

The earliest models from 1936-39 were almost identical inside, only the cabinets were new each year and the receivers were of the reflex type with adjustable feedback and only 2 valves (plus rectifier and signal diode).

Being a reflex receiver allowed the HF valve to be used also as AF amplifier.

Junior 36 was available in two different tabletop versions, Junior 37 as a tabletop and console radio. Both should correctly be named Hyperbo Junior.

Junior 38 and 39 were both tabletop sets.

Junior 509 and 510 from the 1950's had nothing in common with the 1930's models beside the name as they were both tabletop radiograms derived from the JET models of the same years.

Junior Models in General Product Specifications

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Created: 21st May 2013
Modified: 21st May 2013

Author Notes:

This product section provides a general overview of the junior range which includes Hyperbo Junior, Hyperbo RGS, Junior 39, Junior 508RG, Junior 509RG, Junior 510RG and many others. The information in this section was provided by Martin (Dillen) and PerH

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