Beocenter 2 Audio

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Manufactured: 2007 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Steel,Aluminium

Perfect Companion

A new addition to the Beocenter 2 range, the BC2 Audio was exactly the same head unit as the video model but with a simplified socket unit which had the video connections removed. This made it the ideal candidate for partnering the Beovision 7 range so there was no duplication of the DVD function.

Digitally Equipped

The BC2 was still able to produce a digital signal to supply the Beolab 5 speakers and could be fitted with a DAB module if wanted. This was standard in the UK market.

Steeling Your Heart?

At the same time as the audio model was announced, a new finish for the BC2 was introduced. This was called Steel and contrasted with the slightly softer original aluminium finish.

The Future Face of B&O

The BC2, along with the Beolab 5 and 9 was seen to be the new classic range, replacing the BS9000 and BL8000 as the face of B&O. The audio version was expected to be about £200 cheaper than the video model.


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Beocenter 2 Audio Product Specifications

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Created: 24th April 2007
Modified: 3rd March 2019

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