BeoCenter 2300 DAB

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Manufactured: 1995 - 1995
Designer: David Lewis

This special 2300 was produced in 500 examples for a test of DAB by Danish Radio.

Built on B&O's 2300 platform, the 2300 DAB was modified with a Motorola Power PC 821 processor to control the special DAB-functions. The DAB receiver itself was placed in the accompanying "black-box" made by Bosch/Blaupunkt.

The radio can be used directly via the push buttons, or with help from a remote control unit, which is a modified computer made by Apple Newton NotePad.

A PCMCIA (PC Card) slot on the top left-hand side of the back casing was another difference from the ordinary 2300.

Mounting Options

This classic design was reincarnated over a 21 year period with various mounts and stands. Floor stands were available with a pole stand or CD and tape storage, wall mount solutions allowed for the Hi-Fi only, or with BeoLab2500 speakers until these were discontinued

Bang & Olufsen's preferred supplier for brackets and stands, STBbrackets, have made a range of direct replacements and accessories for wall mounts 2052 and 2087. Distributed throughout the World by the Bang & Olufsen store network, the STB solutions add to the diversity of mounting options and positions available.

»Mounting Solutions

Replacement wall bracket for BeoSound 3200

Bracket 2052 mounts the Hi-Fi to the wall without speakers. Compatibility: BeoSound Ouverture, BeoCenter 2300, BeoCenter 2500, BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200, BeoSound 4000

System Bracket for Ouverture

This replacement for Bang & Olufsen System Bracket 2087, has been engineered to meet a growing demand from customers who wish to mount BeoCenter2500 and later models, with BeoLab2500 speakers.

Compatibility: BeoSound Ouverture with BeoLab 2500, BeoCenter 2300 with BeoLab 2500, BeoCenter 2500 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 3000 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 4000 with BeoLab 2500, BeoSound 3200 with BeoLab 2500

Wall bracket BeoLab 2500 (Speakers Only)

Mount BeoLab 2500 active speakers directly to the wall with BL2500 Wall Bracket. Sold as a pair of brackets, this solution allows you to independently mount the BeoLab2500 separately from the BeoCenter / BeoSound hifi.

Wall Plate ONLY for 2500/3000/Ouverture series HiFi with BeoLab2500

This replacement Wall Plate is designed to allow Bang & Olufsen System Bracket 2087 for BeoCenter 2500 and later variants, with BeoLab 2500 speakers to be attached to the wall.

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BeoCenter 2300 DAB Product Specifications

Type: 7400
S/W: 1.0

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