PSTN Base (Older Style)

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Manufactured: 2002 - 2006
Colours: Black

Launched in 2002, the PSTN base effectively allowed the BeoCom2 to become part of a home telephone network in conjunction with the BeoCom 6000.

Up to 6 handsets could be connected to this original PSTN base, which could be hidden away discretely as long as it was connected to a power source and a telephone line.

This PSTN base was updated in 2006.

For a full explanation of compatability - see our PSTN FAQ on this subject.

PSTN Base (Older Style) Product Specifications

Category: Base, cordless
Standard:Line interface DECT 1 analog

Dimensions WxHxD: 135 x 170 x 25 mm

Finish base: Black

Range indoor / outdoor: up to 50 m/300 m
Memory (Phonebook): up to 200 numbers with names
Handsets - Up to 6 can be connected
Accessories: Repeater: EU 0895333 GB 0895326

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Created: 15th March 2007
Modified: 16th March 2007

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