BOFA Cinemachine - 1947

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Manufactured: 1947 - unknown
Colours: Black

What has this cinemachine got to do with Bang & Olufsen? Well quite a lot.

Peter Bang had experienced ”The Talking Movie” during his stay in the US in 1925, and it left a lasting impression on him.

During the first years of the companys existence, Bang & Olufsen earned a high reputation of exellence in sound technology. When the cinemas in Denmark considered to change from silent to talking movies, Bang & Olufsen was invited to an annual cinema congress to demonstrate the companys sound system. The film was the premiére of Disney’s first Mickey Mouse film “Steam Boat Willy”, and it was a big succes. All the participants in the congress were highly impressed with the sound quality, especially compared to the current sound equipment.

Back in Struer the conclusion was that not only the existing amplifiers and loudspeakers were the cause of poor sound quality, but rather the optical recording and playback system was to blame.

Peter Bang asked why we didn’t made our own system? The task was put in the hands of our mechanical genius Kristian Sørensen and the first complete cinema was taken into use in 1929 in Esbjerg, Denmark.

In the following years 148 cinemas were equipped with Bofa (the name of the daughter company for cinema gear).

The technique was also used for making the films, and the quality of the system is revealed every time one of the old movies is tranferred to a new media – the sound is completely free of distortion.

The cinemachine on the picture is from 1947.

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