Beolink Wireless 1

Manufactured: 2006 - present
Colours: White

BeoLink Wireless 1 makes possible a wireless solution that doesn’t mean compromising what you expect of quality audio. In fact, the CD quality audio transmission is unprecedented in a wireless solution. Bang & Olufsen has chosen a mature wireless technology that is very robust, can distribute audio to up to 21 rooms in your home, and ensures the same audio quality in all rooms.

For 20 years, BeoLink from Bang & Olufsen has led the way for home integration of entertainment, without any deterioration in transmission quality. Now, BeoLink Wireless 1 makes possible a wireless solution that doesn’t mean compromising what you expect of quality audio.

Each BeoLink Wireless 1 unit functions as both a transmitter and receiver. A single transmitter can service up to seven rooms (seven pairs of loudspeakers), and the system can manage up to three transmitters with 21 pairs of loudspeakers around the house.

BeoLink Wireless 1 works with BeoLab loudspeakers, together with the stylish remote IR eye, which relays the signal to the loudspeaker. In addition, many older products not sold today will work in a wireless setup. The compact and tapered form fits discretely in any room, whether resting on the floor, shelf, or bookcase, or mounted on one of two wall brackets. Available in white or black, with a matt soft-touch lacquered finish.

With BeoLink Wireless 1 the Bang & Olufsen BeoLink concept may be enjoyed without having to connect MasterLink cables from the main room to a link room. This now means that all audio sources can be distributed wirelessly to link rooms in the house. Note that BeoLink Wireless 1 is capable of distributing sound only; pictures from a TV or DVD cannot be distributed and the system cannot provide the customer with wireless distribution of sound to loudspeakers in a Dolby Surround Sound solution.

Each BeoLink Wireless 1 – operating as a transmitter – can drive multiple wireless receivers (up to a maximum of 7 different receivers per transmitter). It is also possible to have up to 3 transmitters operating simultaneously on one BeoLink installation, meaning a maximum of 21 link rooms per installation. Where additional transmitters are required these should be placed at least 5 metres apart to ensure they do not conflict with each other.

The product can be placed on the floor, on a shelf, in a bookcase or mounted on the wall in two different wall brackets. It can also be a hidden away and is available in either black or white.

Each BeoLink Wireless 1 has dual functionality – as it can operate either as a receiver or as a transmitter. A simple switch on the underside of the product identifies if it is to be a transmitter or a receiver.

BeoLink Wireless 1 is based on a proprietary wireless technology which has three special characteristics:

1. It is very robust

2. It has no audible delay

3. It can distribute sound to up to seven pairs of loudspeakers simultaneously

Each receiver is individually paired to a specific transmitter. Should one household and a neighbour both require BeoLink Wireless 1 installations they will not conflict with each other.

Installation and Operation

Where BeoLink Wireless 1 is to be used a transmitter then mains power and MasterLink should be connected. The switch should also be set to ‘T’.

Where it is to be used a receiver then mains power, an IR receiver and PowerLink should be connected. The switch should be set to ‘R’. Please note that MasterLink should only be connected to the transmitting device. The below illustration show connections available:

BeoLink Wireless 1 can be used with any pair of active loudspeakers except BeoLab 3500. BeoLab 3500 will later be updated to include a PowerLink socket to enable it to be compatible with BeoLink Wireless 1. It will not be possible to upgrade any existing BeoLab 3500 loudspeakers to include this new connection.

To ensure that the control data can pass as well as the sound signals the loudspeakers must be connected using a fully-mounted 3.5mm PowerLink cable. Only BeoLab 5 loudspeakers are supplied with this cable so users should order required cables.

Before installing the BeoLink Wireless 1 receiver permanently in a link room, the connection between the transmitter and a receiver should be made. This is done in the main room with transmitter and receiver placed no longer than 1 metre apart. Once the units have power, press the ‘connection’ button to pair the devices. Once this is undertaken then the receiver can be permanently installed in the link room. When connecting more than one receiver to the transmitter, you should pair each receiver one at a time.

Care should be taken when installing the product and consideration should be given to the placement of the devices. For example, interference can be a problem if the device is placed near a microwave oven. In addition, BeoLink Wireless 1 communicates on the same wavelength as domestic Wireless Broadband routers or DECT telephone systems. Each BeoLink Wireless 1 will use one third of wavelength, meaning that if a customer has 3 transmitters all working at the same time then they will be using the entire wavelength. This means that they would block out the use of DECT telephones or Wireless Broadband routers in their vicinity. Bang & Olufsen recommends that if users have such devices then there should be a limitation of BeoLink Wireless 1 transmitters to a maximum of 2, thereby ensuring enough of the wavelength is left available for other devices.

Beolink Wireless 1 Product Specifications

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Modified: 21st February 2007

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