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There are many viewers who cannot enjoy TV programmes to the full because of hearing problems. This problem, in the middle 1980's was alleviated by the use of Bang & Olufsen's Loop Amplifier - an optional accessory which worked as an inductive loop in conjunction with most modern hearing aids.

Providing that your personal hearing aid had a 'T' (telephone) switch position, you could enjoy boosted audio reception from your Bang & Olufsen TV and hi-fi system without disturbing others in the room.

The Loop Amplifier could be use with all Bang & Olufsen Beovisions and hi-fi systems and could be installed so discreetly that no one but the user would either see it or hear it in operation. The special wiring could be fitted permanently around the perimeter of the room, giving the hearing-impaired viewer total freedom of movement. Or the same amplifier could be used to power a mini-loop which was hung around the neck when required.

Loop Amplifier Product Specifications

Created: 17th February 2007
Modified: 19th February 2007

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