June Prize Draw

The BeoWorld Summer 2021 Prize Draw !!

The sun is out (mostly) and it's warm (depending where you are) and it's Summer (unless you're in Australia.. this is getting complicated) - but you all want some more lovely Bang & Olufsen Prizes... Yes, it's the The BeoWorld Summer 2021 Prize Draw, beaming to you live and direct via your internet connection at 8.30pm UK Time on Wednesday 30th June!! Yes, more fantastic Prizes for YOU to win and enjoy as you feel the warm Summer sun on your face and think "I'm feeling lucky - I'll win them all please" !! We've been scouring the market to buy the very best products we can lay our hands on, just to give our lovely BeoWorld members the very best we can. Thank you for looking at the Prize Draw pages, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone at BeoWorld !!!

1st Prize - B&O BeoSound 1 Mk2 GVA - Silver

1st Prize
First Prize

In First this month is a beautiful boxed ex-dealer display BeoSound 1, finished in the classic Aluminium colour scheme! This is the latest Mk2 GVA (Google Voice Assistant) version and is in spotless condition with a current RRP of £1,400 !! With a single charge delivering up to 12 hours of music this is a truly portable device which can provide beautiful B&O sound for the whole evening and more. Set alarms, alerts and even control home devices with the inbuilt Google Voice Assistant too! This is the perfect addition to any home, and it could be in YOUR home if you win 1st this Summer!!

2nd Prize - BeoPlay P6 Active Bluetooth Speaker - New/Sealed

2nd Prize
Second Prize

Here we have a brand new, boxed and sealed BeoPlay P6 in the beautiful Black colour scheme for you if you win 2nd this Summer! Feel the freedom of up to 16 hours of rich and powerful sound in a portable, expressive Bang & Olufsen design. Beoplay P6 is where premium sound meets expert craftsmanship. Use the B&O App to personalise, or use the buttons on the unit to control, then sit back and be wowed by the sound! These little beauties really do pack a punch for such a compact design. All yours if you bag 2nd Prize..

3rd Prize - B&O BeoPlay S3 Speaker - New/Boxed

3rd Prize
Third Prize

Here we have a new and sealed BeoPlay S3! The BeoPlay S3 is an ultra flexible Bluetooth speaker that fills your room with clean and natural sound via a dedicated DSP algorithm, taking its foundation from the stereo experience. The S3 creates an ambient sound from one single speaker featuring 2 x 35 Class D amplifiers give you a combined 240 W of high peak power. A potent little dodecahedron of sound which can be loved, admired and enjoyed in any room of the house. All yours if you bag third this Summer!

4th Prize - New/Sealed BeoPlay E8 3rd Gen - Grey Mist


QI Charging, a Leather case, B&O Signature Sound, four levels of sound transparency via the B&O App, a built in microphone so you can take calls on the go, ToneTouch, you name it.. These earbuds have it all. The latest incarnation of an already superb earphone with all the features. Boxed, sealed and unused - and all yours if you win 4th this Summer. With an RRP of £300 they're truly 'high end' !!

5th Prize - New/Boxed BeoPlay H6 Headphones


If you're lucky enough to scoop Fifth Prize this month we'll see you sporting a pair of the stunning Brand New, Boxed and Sealed Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Headphones in the classy Black colour scheme on the planes, trains, or (preferably not) automobiles in your home town and beyond! These are the stunning iPhone/iPad/iPod Control 'over head' Headphones from Bang & Olufsen and the clarity and detail really is first class - as you'd expect from the boys and girls in Struer of course! Rediscover your music in amazing clarity and detail. All yours to enjoy if you win 5th..

6th Prize - BeoPlay E6 Motion Earphones - White - Sealed


In 6th this Summer we have a brand new, boxed and sealed pair of E6 Motion Earphones in trendy White! Lightweight, in-ear wireless earphones designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle. With a range of ear tips and fins to choose from, E6 Motion are fully customisable. Because not all ears are the same, E6 Motion come with a choice of ear fins for a more ergonomic, secure and customisable fit making them the perfect everyday companion while you’re on the go. Great B&O Sound, a real premium feel - and just waiting to be enjoyed by YOU!

7th Prize - New/Sealed BeoPlay P2 - Sand Stone


As B&O Quote : Say goodbye, once and for all, to your smartphone's inferior speakers. Wherever you go, the super compact Beoplay P2 is ready to enhance your audio experience with surprisingly rich sound. It’s always on, always ready. The built-in microphone and powerful speaker make Beoplay P2 ideal for taking and making hands-free calls on your phone or computer. Use it in the office, your hotel room or anywhere you need to get up close and personal with the people you’re speaking with (from a social distance). Want one to enjoy all to yourself in the stylish Sand Stone colour scheme? Oh go on then.. Here you go.

8th Prize - Boxed BeoPlay Charging Pad - Limestone


Incredibly stylish - and rather handy. Here we have a gorgeous Bang & Olufsen Wireless Charging Pad in the latest 'Limestone' finish. This wireless charging pad is a Bang & Olufsen premium Qi-certified wireless charger and is ex-dealer display cabinet (so mint, and boxed). The elegant blend of authentic materials let Wireless charger become one with your interior space. Supporting 5W and 10W and looking SO premium, it's the perfect B&O accessory!

9th Prize - £50 to spend in the Gift Shop


Put your hands in the air and spend it like you just don't care, said someone, in a song.. once, we think.. Well, 'stack your cash and hit the virtual mall' here on BeoWorld - you've got £50 to spend on ANYTHING in our Gift Shop!! Don't worry about postage either.. it's FREE!! Choose from YSL to Pens, to Mousemats, to Long Sleeved Polo Shirts to Baseball Caps. It's your £50 this Summer, so you spend it frivolously.. Enjoy!

10th Prize - 100 Years of Danish Loudspeakers Book


Thursday, December 10 2015 is the exact day of the 100th year anniversary of the electrodynamic loudspeaker. 100 years earlier, on December 10, 1915, the Dane Peter Laurits Jensen and his partner Edwin Pridham presented their groundbreaking invention to the public in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The next day The San Francisco Bulletin published an enthusiastic article about the event: “Great invention made of Californians solves many problems. The slender tone of a single violin heard about a mile away. The sound operatic Luisa Tetrazzini’s voice reverberating throughout the stadium, and a piano solo resembling the chimes of Westminster Abbey played by Colossus of Rhodes”. The loudspeaker was born. To mark the historical day Danish Sound Innovation Network publishes a coffee table book entitled Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years. The book has been edited by DELTA and made with generous contributions from the Danish loudspeaker industry.

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