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The Super Spring 2018 Quarterly Prize Draw

Welcome to the BeoWorld Spring 2018 Prize Draw!!!! Yes, it's that time of year again when the buds appear on the trees and we give away lots of FREE Bang & Olufsen to our Gold Level Members. May I ask what happened to the last three months? It seems like last week I was donning my Santa hat and waving a Brandy at our Christmas Winners.. Anyway - Thank you for looking at our Prize Draw page, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the Spring 2018 Prize Draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. May I wish you the Best of Luck from everyone here at BeoWorld HQ!!!

1st Prize - Pair of BeoLab 6000 Active Loudspeakers

1st Prize
First Prize

We've always loved the BeoLab 6000 here at BeoWorld. A really underrated speaker which blends so well into any environment they don't actually get noticed! The sound which can come out of such a slender column of anodised aluminium is something to marvel at - and we think you should too! So, we're giving away a beautiful set of the quite rare Green versions, which add a real splash of colour in a room whilst blending in really well with the plants. We'll give you either Euro or UK Power Cables as required, and they'll come to you in the official B&O box too!

2nd Prize - BeoPlay S3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Black

2nd Prize
Second Prize

In Third Place we have a beautiful little pre0owned but pristine Black BeoPlay S3 Bluetooth Active Loudspeaker! The Beoplay S3 draws heavily on geometry as a design reference. But also, it is reminiscent from the lines of two shapes embracing each other. The balance of the two gives you a harmonic shape, designed to let out great sound. The inspiration and shape originates from the dodecahedron and it almost looks like a mini-BeoLab19. A fabulous little speaker which throws out sound you never though capable from something so small !!

3rd Prize - BeoPlay A1 - Natural Aluminium

3rd Prize
Third Prize

The beautiful Beoplay A1, designed by Cecilie Mainz, is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Weighing only 600g and because of its shape (with no protruding buttons or legs) it's easy to store in your backpack or slip into a pocket or bag. So, you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound when you get there. Perfect! Here we have an ex-demo, boxed and pristine model in Natural Aluminium all ready for you to enjoy if you win 3rd this Spring!

4th Prize - BeoPlay H6 Headphones in Black


If you're lucky enough to scoop Fourth Prize this month we'll see you sporting a pair of the stunning ex-dealer demo Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Headphones in classy All-Black on the planes, trains, or (preferably not) automobiles in your home town and beyond! These are the stunning iPhone/iPad/iPod Control 'over head' Headphones from Bang & Olufsen and the clarity and detail really is first class - as you'd expect from the boys and girls in Struer of course! Rediscover your music in amazing clarity and detail. All yours to enjoy if you win fourth..

5th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Watch in Gift Box


Now this is rare! Here we have a lovely little wristwatch with a leather strap in a steel case. It came from an avid collector of B&O Memorabilia, and we really had to nag to get him to part with this! Finished in highly polished metal with a black leather strap, it sports the Bang & Olufsen name and logo on the watch face. Wear it and enjoy, or keep it in your collection. The choice is yours!

6th Prize - BeoStorage A1 Storage Cube


Truly blessed with the craftsman's touch, this flagship model CD holder is hewn from solid first-class knot-free timber - on this example a rich Cherry Wood. Drawing on time-honoured joinery techniques, the unit features mortised joints and a solid wood back panel which ooze quality - even down to the small aluminium disc on the top surface bearing the Bang & Olufsen logo. This CD Holder cost a small fortune when new and has now become very collectible indeed due to only limited numbers being sold when new. A truly special prize for you to cherish should you win 6th this month..

7th Prize - B&O Callaway Shoe Bag + B&O Mug


Usually we can think up a nice link between two prizes such as envisaging you taking off your Golf Shoes after a long 18 holes, placing them in this Bang & Olufsen branded Callaway Golf Shoe Bag, then heading up to the '19th' for a nice Latte and presenting the waitress with your official Bang & Olufsen Mug to put it in, but sadly - we can't. So, it's a B&O Shoe Bag and a B&O Mug in 7th. Plain and simple.

8th Prize - Two B&O Wedgwood China Coffee Mugs


You may have been presented with a hot drink at an Official Bang & Olufsen Dealership in one of these if you're a BeoVIP! Bang & Olufsen specially commissioned the world famous 'Wedgwood' China manufacturer to produce branded crockery sets for them, and as part of the range they produced these beautiful Coffee Mugs. However, we would rather you had one for work and one for home - so here we have a set of TWO brand new mugs for you to enjoy. So.. here you go!

9th Prize - Superbrands B&O Edition + BeoWorld Mug


To get you warmed up on the Mug-Trail and give your coffee table a kudos-boost, we've got an Original and rare 2006/7 'Superbrands' Book, which featured a wonderful article on Bang & Olufsen. It's a great read, and very collectible - and whilst you're sat perusing, you can take in a tea or coffee from your official BeoWorld Latte Mug we'll be sending you as well. Perfect!

10th Prize - 100 Years of Danish Loudspeakers Book


Thursday, December 10 2015 is the exact day of the 100th year anniversary of the electrodynamic loudspeaker. 100 years earlier, on December 10, 1915, the Dane Peter Laurits Jensen and his partner Edwin Pridham presented their groundbreaking invention to the public in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The next day The San Francisco Bulletin published an enthusiastic article about the event: “Great invention made of Californians solves many problems. The slender tone of a single violin heard about a mile away. The sound operatic Luisa Tetrazzini’s voice reverberating throughout the stadium, and a piano solo resembling the chimes of Westminster Abbey played by Colossus of Rhodes”. The loudspeaker was born. To mark the historical day Danish Sound Innovation Network publishes a coffee table book entitled Danish Loudspeakers - 100 years. The book has been edited by DELTA and made with generous contributions from the Danish loudspeaker industry.

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