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The BeoWorld Christmas 2019 Prize Draw

It's high time we had some of our wonderful BeoWorld 'Festive Frivolities' again - so here they are!!! How time flies... Yes, it's the The BeoWorld Christmas 2019 Prize Draw, beaming to you live via the wonders of the Interweb at 8pm UK Time on Sunday 22nd December!!!! Yes, more fantastic Prizes for YOU to win and enjoy as you stare out of the window at the snow, then inside at the tinsel covered tree, then over to the Turkey!! We've been scouring the market to buy the very best products we can lay our hands on, just to give our lovely BeoWorld members the very best we can. Thank you for looking at the Prize Draw pages, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone at BeoWorld !!!

1st Prize - 007's very own BeoGram 6500 - in White!

1st Prize
First Prize

Oh Yes... Oh Yes...and once again.. Oh Yesss!! Guess what we sourced for you?!!! Here we have an absolutely beautiful BeoGram 6500 in the rare White colour scheme which was the personal record deck of Sir Roger Moore - aka James Bond !!!!! Sir Roger owned it from brand new up until he sadly passed away in 2017, whereupon it was left to his Wife in his will (who is actually Scandinavian and a well known Danish socialite). She then placed it carefully into storage as Hi-Fi held no interest and eventually gifted it to a family friend. It was this family friend whom BeoWorld managed to purchase it from - and the rest, they say, is history! So, here we have an amazing deck in it's own right - but with this provenance it's truly amazing! What a Prize!! The name's Winner. Lucky Winner.... You'll be shaken AND stirred if you win First Prize this Christmas!!

2nd Prize - Pair of BeoLab 6000 Active Loudspeakers

2nd Prize
Second Prize

We've always loved the BeoLab 6000 here at BeoWorld and we'll keep giving them away until we've convinced you all. A really underrated speaker which blends so well into any environment they don't actually get noticed! The sound which can come out of such a slender column of anodised aluminium is something to marvel at - and we think you should too! So, we're giving away a beautiful pair of pre-owned but pristine BeoLab 6000's in the classic Aluminium with Black Covers. We'll give you either Euro or UK Power Cables as required - and we're sure that if you talk to Steve at Sounds Heavenly he might do a special discount on some new PowerLink Cables as it's Christmas!

3rd Prize - BeoLit 15 Bluetooth Speaker in Champagne

3rd Prize
Third Prize

In Third we have a super-stylish 'Sound Box' in the form of a BeoLit 15 Bluetooth Speaker! Boxed, ex-demo and in great condition this incredible sounding unit has a jaw-dropping array of speakers behind the aluminium mesh... a big full range driver, two more passive drivers and three tweeters to be precise!! All this with up to 24 hours play on a single charge it's pretty impressive, too! It has a USB socket, external 3.5mm input and of course a solid Bluetooth 4.2 connection. If you've never heard one of these in action - prepare to be impressed.. they really do sound five times larger than they actually are, and the awards it received upon launch were truly well deserved. All yours if you're lucky enough to bag the Bronze Medal this Christmas...

4th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Tea & Coffee Set


Are the family coming round this Christmas? Do they want to drink their Tea's, Coffees and Hot Chocolates from the very finest mugs, cups and saucers available? If the answer is Yes, we have the solution! How about SIX original Dealer Issue Coffee Cups and Saucers. PLUS an additional SIX genuine Dealer Issue Wedgewood Coffee Mugs! Yes, everyone can admire your B&O whilst drinking from a cup or mug with B&O written on it, all whilst listening to you talking about your B&O. Bombard and convert... It's an advertising executives dream! All yours if you bag 4th this Christmas!!

5th Prize - New/Sealed BeoPlay E6 in Sand


As B&O say.. Beoplay E6 offer rich sound with a very strong bass performance. You can easily tailor the sound to your own taste and preferences with the BeoPlay App on your smartphone. Beoplay E6 comes with a clever charging feature that lets you charge your earphones while you use them. And with up to 5 hours of active play, you never have to miss out on your music – wherever you go. If you win 5th this Christmas a pair in the beautiful 'Sand' colourway are all yours. Good Luck!

6th Prize - New/Sealed BeoPlay P2 - Black


As B&O Quote : Say goodbye, once and for all, to your smartphone's inferior speakers. Wherever you go, the super compact Beoplay P2 is ready to enhance your audio experience with surprisingly rich sound. It’s always on, always ready. The built-in microphone and powerful speaker make Beoplay P2 ideal for taking and making hands-free calls on your phone or computer. Use it in the office, your hotel room or anywhere you need to get up close and personal with the people you’re speaking with. Want one for Christmas? Oh go on then.. Here you go.

7th Prize - Vintage 1971 Beovox 600 Bookshelf Speakers


Well... We just couldn't let these pass. They've had ONE owner since the early 1970's and were then px'd at an official B&O Dealer who had stored them for the last 25 years. The Dealer decided to trim down his classic B&O collection and BeoWorld jumped in with an offer on these little babies with the sole intention of one of our members becoming the new custodian. Obviously they are in amazing condition, sound superb for their size (a real 'analogue' warmth to them) and the wood is an absolute joy to look at! Pair these up with a BeoMaster 900 to make a real 'period' system, or enjoy them with a modern amp. Your choice if you win a Festive Seventh..

8th Prize - Exclusive B&O Mini Maglite Torch


We've never seen one of these before, so when the chance arose to acquire one for the Prize Draw our eyes lit up.. or was it the torch. Anyway, here we have a genuine Bang & Olufsen Promotional co-branded Mini MagLite Torch! All in a lovely little Mini MagLite carry case for safe keeping. A highly practical and extremely rare little collectible for you to use and enjoy, or keep somewhere you want it to be seen and admired. One thing is for sure.. it'll brighten up your life!! All yours if you win 8th.

9th Prize - Your very own Bugatti.... Van


Well, a toy one anyway. In 9th this Christmas we have a very rare and desirable Model car in the form of a Bugatti Delivery Van in full B&O livery. Not quite sure if Peter and Svend authorised this outlandish expense or not, but here we are. A great little collectible and one which is worth quite a lot on the collectors market. Pride of place in your collection, or use a futuristic shrink-o-matic machine on yourself and drive it to work. Your choice if you win 9th this Christmas!

10th Prize - Superbrands Book + B&O Mug


Yes indeed, it's the Superbrands Book - 2006/2007 Edition.. The one where the BV7 and BeoLab 5's were on the front cover and Bang & Olufsen were considered one of the worlds 'coolest' brands! We all know they're still cool, but just in case any of your friends forget, you can leave this on your coffee table to remind them! Whilst you're thumbing through the pages you may want a coffee or hot drink by your side, so you'll also need a Bone China Wedgewood Bang & Olufsen mug. So, we'll include one of these too! Not bad for the starter prize, eh!

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