September Prize Draw

The Awesome Autumn Prize Draw!

The sun is shining less, the leaves are turning golden and it's now Autumn.. and it's that time when you all wish you could win some more lovely Bang & Olufsen Prizes... Yes, it's the The BeoWorld Autumn 2021 Prize Draw, beaming to you live and direct via your internet connection at 8.30pm UK Time on Thursday 30th September!! Yes, more fantastic Prizes for YOU to win and enjoy as you grab a warm jumper from the wardrobe and think "I'm feeling lucky - I'll win them all please" !! We've been scouring the market to buy the very best products we can lay our hands on, just to give our lovely BeoWorld members the very best we can. Thank you for looking at the Prize Draw pages, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone at BeoWorld !!!

1st Prize - The 'Ears and Floor' Speaker Package!

1st Prize
First Prize

We decided to mix it up in 1st this Autumn for absolutely no reason apart from we wanted to, and it's an 'all-black' Prize! We have a stunning pair of pre-owned BeoLab 6000 Active Loudspeakers, finished in the beautiful (and rarer) all black colour scheme. Slender columns of crisp and clear sound which can be connect to virtually anything as they have both PowerLink AND Line-In inputs. See Steve at Sounds Heavenly for custom cables! So... that's the floor done, now what about some fabulous 'ear coverings'.. Well, how about a new and sealed pair of BeoPlay H6 Headphones - also in the all-black colour scheme? They're Yours!! Well, they're technically yours if you win 1st Prize this Autumn. Fingers crossed!!

2nd Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Core

2nd Prize
Second Prize

In second we have a prize we've never given away before.. It an ex B&O store demo BeoSound Core! This is the Mk1 version and has been Software updated to the very latest levels then reset - all ready for the new owner! Beosound Core is the intelligent connectivity hub for your all your wired and wireless devices and speakers. Optical-in and optical-out interfaces provide end-to-end digital sound, plus analogue interfaces for your older equipment. If you demand the very best for your Beolab speakers the Beosound Core renders music in ultra high resolution to deliver the highest digital streaming quality ever offered by B&O. Amazing!

3rd Prize - B&O BeoPlay A2 Active Portable Speaker

3rd Prize
Third Prize

In 3rd this Autumn we have the perfect portable listening companion for those chilly Autumn days (and evenings, and mornings..) in the form of a beautiful ex delaer display (boxed, of course) Bang & Olufsen A2 Active Loudspeaker, finished in the lovely 'Stone Grey' Colour Scheme. The sound which comes from these little boxes of power is truly incredible. They can literally fill a room with powerful B&O sound and make you wonder who hid the full sized stereo somewhere! All yours if you're lucky enough to win 4th this Autumn. Good Luck!

4th Prize - New/Sealed BeoPlay E8 3rd Gen - Grey Mist


QI Charging, a Leather case, B&O Signature Sound, four levels of sound transparency via the B&O App, a built in microphone so you can take calls on the go, ToneTouch, you name it.. These earbuds have it all. The latest incarnation of an already superb earphone with all the features. Boxed, sealed and unused - and all yours if you win 4th this Autumn. With an RRP of £300 they're truly 'high end' and we know you'll absolutely LOVE them!

5th Prize - BeoPlay P2 Portable Speaker in Sand


As B&O Quote : Say goodbye, once and for all, to your smartphone's inferior speakers. Wherever you go, the super compact Beoplay P2 is ready to enhance your audio experience with surprisingly rich sound. It’s always on, always ready. The built-in microphone and powerful speaker make Beoplay P2 ideal for taking and making hands-free calls on your phone or computer. Use it in the office, your hotel room or anywhere you need to get up close and personal with the people you’re speaking with (from a social distance). Want one to enjoy all to yourself in the stylish Sand Stone colour scheme? Oh go on then.. Here you go.

6th Prize - BeoPlay E6 Earphones


In Sixth we have a pair of beautiful BeoPlay E6 Earphones! Thanks to a combination of finely tuned acoustics, design and ergonomics, Beoplay E6 offer rich sound with a very strong bass performance. You can easily tailor the sound to your own taste and preferences with the Beoplay app on your smartphone. Inspired by urban sneaker culture, the cord connecting the earbuds is encased in braided textile. The durable earphone housing is made from textured rubber and polymer, designed to resist sweat and moisture. The in-line remote comes with aluminium button controls. All your if you win 6th!

7th Prize - BeoPlay Earset - Graphite


The latest development to come out of the design studio of Bang and Olusfen the Earset sees the evolution of the original Bang And Olufsen designs from the 90's with a strong emphasis on the shape of the model. Boasting a 5 hours play time the Earset has been made to fit with it's Flexible Adjustment system allowing the wearer to change the angle and height of the earbud to each individual preference. Keeping the the stunning and renowned signature sound of B&O that will keep you immersed in both sound and style on the go this earphone will make for the perfect gift our lifestyle enhancement. All yours if you bag 7th!!

8th Prize - Official B&O Vintage Delivery Van


In Eighth this Autumn is the highly collectible Matchbox Bang & Olufsen Delivery Van! Given out as Dealer Gifts to VIP clients back in the 1980's they have become quite the collectors classic, both from the Bang & Olufsen perspective and the toy car collector too! One for the display cabinet, and a real keeper - and something we're sure you'll park in your miniature garage and take out only on high days and holidays. It's pretty good on fuel, too!! All yours if you win 8th...

9th Prize - Official B&O Spark to Icon Book


9th Prize and second out of the (rather heavy) bag this Autumn sees a return to massage therapy for your poor postman and his aching back. Yes, it's the literary leviathan that goes by the name of "Spark to Icon". An official Bang & Olufsen publication charting the creation and rise of Bang & Olufsen from the Eliminator through to BeoLab 5 taking you on a multi-page journey through the history of the company we all know and love. A great read, and now something of a collectors piece. All yours if you win our Autumnal 9th Prize...

10th Prize - £50 to spend in the Gift Shop!


Put your hands in the air and spend it like you just don't care, said someone, in a song.. once, we think.. Well, 'stack your cash' and hit the 'virtual mall' here on BeoWorld - you've got £50 to spend on ANYTHING in our Gift Shop!! Don't worry about postage either.. it's FREE!! Choose from YSL to Pens, to Mousemats, to Long Sleeved Polo Shirts to Baseball Caps. It's your £50 this Autumn, so you spend it frivolously if you're first out of the hat.. Enjoy!

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