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The BIG BeoWorld Christmas 2018 Prize Draw

Here we go with our wonderful BeoWorld 'Festive Frivolities' again. How time flies... Yes, it's the The BeoWorld Christmas 2018 Prize Draw, beaming to you live via the wonders of the Interweb at 8pm UK Time on Sunday 23rd December!!!! Yes, more fantastic Prizes for YOU to win and enjoy as you stare out of the window at the snow, then inside at the tinsel covered tree, then over to the Turkey!! We've been scouring the market to buy the very best products we can lay our hands on, just to give our lovely BeoWorld members the very best we can. Thank you for looking at the Prize Draw pages, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone at BeoWorld !!!

1st Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 1Tb HDD Music System

1st Prize
First Prize

In First this Christmas is a Prize we thought long and hard about. Which recent product did we all think would be a future classic? Which product has the 'last of the line' of the classic Bang & Olufsen 'form and function' style mechanical interfaces? It's all plastic boxes now, so which product can you see, feel, touch, and operate like the products of old - yet still have modern connections for PowerLink, MasterLink and so on. Well, we decided the BeoSound 5 was the one. This is a pristine pre-owned example and is one of the later, last of the line, 1Tb versions. It can store ludicrous amounts of music, it can stream internet radio, it has AUX input for a Turntable, Cassette Deck, or your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth receiver if you like. Oh, and we've also sourced an original B&O Table Stand too, so you can show it off to it's full. We try and think of everything here at BeoWorld - and we think that this 1st Prize is no exception. Good Luck - it's all yours if you win First this Christmas!

2nd Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoLit 15 Bluetooth Speaker

2nd Prize
Second Prize

In Second we have a super-stylish 'Box of Boomness' in the form of a BeoLit 15 Bluetooth Speaker! Boxed, ex-demo and in 'as-new' condition this incredible sounding unit has a jaw-dropping array of speakers behind the aluminium mesh... a big full range driver, two more passive drivers and three tweeters to be precise!! All this with up to 24 hours play on a single charge it's pretty impressive, too! It has a USB socket, external 3.5mm input and of course a solid Bluetooth 4.2 connection. If you've never heard one of these in action - prepare to be impressed.. they really do sound five times larger than they actually are, and the awards it received upon launch were truly well deserved. All yours if you're lucky enough to be our Christmas Runner-Up!!

3rd Prize - Rare Vintage 1960's Beolit 607 AM Radio

3rd Prize
Third Prize

Prized from the grasp of a serious collector it took us 6 months of nagging to get him to let us buy this for the Prize Draw! Here we have a truly beautiful rarity in the form of an original, unrestored Beolit 607 AM from the early 1960's. This was one of the very first portable radios ever produced by Bang & Olufsen and is already a true collectors item. This particular example had one Danish owner from brand new until the collector bought it in around 2010. Since then, it's been in a display case looking truly beautiful. It's in full working order of course, so you can either have it as part of your collection or on display for all to admire. All we ask is that you give it a loving home and preserve it for future generations - and if you win 3rd, it'll be yours to care for!

4th Prize - Special Edition BeoPlay H6 'Rapha' Headphones


In 4th we have the legendary future collectible in the form of a pair of pristine ex-demo BeoPlay H6 'Rapha' Headphones. Oh my... these are beautiful !!! Beoplay H6 with Rapha was conceived and designed for cyclists. The ear pads are made from the same African hair sheep leather used in the Rapha GT Gloves. The headband inner uses a fabric found in Rapha’s Pro Team products, a material that can easily cope with the levels of sweat produced during high-intensity turbo sessions. That said you'll probably be sat in your favourite armchair wearing these, so you can just sit there looking cool and listen to Kraftwerk's 'Tour De France' with a big smile on your face if you win 4th... Good Luck!

5th Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 Speaker


Here we have for you in 5th a little 'pocket rocket' in the form of a BRAND NEW and sealed BeoPlay A1 in the truly stunning 'Sandstone' colour scheme. With up to 24 hours of high quality music coming from one charge it's truly portable. You can take it to your friend's houses this Christmas and introduce them to true quality compact sound! The lovely little A1 is compatible with the B&O App too, so you can personalise it if you wish - or just connect with Bluetooth and start enjoying your music. 360 degree sound with a 180 degree smile if you win 5th!

6th Prize - BeoPlay H3 'Hard Graft' Ocean Blue Earphones


Here we have a new and unused, sealed Limited Edition 'Hard Graft' H3 Earphone Set. This rare set comes in the Ltd Edition 'Ocean Blue' colour scheme (it's gorgeous, it really is..) and comes with a Hard Graft matching high quality leather carry pouch. A fantastic brand pairing in our opinion. Two design and style icons coming together - and B&O providing the legendary H3 wired earphones which sound amazing. You're going to love this prize - and it's all yours to enjoy if you bag 6th Prize!

7th Prize - Bang & Olufsen H5 Wireless Earphones


In 7th we have a gorgeous pair of ex-Dealer Display Bang & Olufsen H5 Wireless Earphones in the beautiful 'Charcoal Sand' colour scheme. With up to 5 hours music on a single charge they'll handle all but the longest commute, giving you crystal clear Bang & olufsen sound on the go - with no wires! The Beoplay app lets you choose presets or adjust settings via your smartphone or Apple watch to customise your earphones sound profile to your activity, and with Bluetooth 4.2 you're guaranteed a stable and clear connection. All yours if you're lucky enough to win 7th this Christmas!

8th Prize - The Bang & Olufsen 'Desk Set'


Once again we come up with a fabulous little assortment to tickle your collective fancies! We have an official Bang & Olufsen Mousemat to kick off proceedings, then we have a gorgeous little official branded B&O lapel pin. However, the crown jewel of this little set is an official Bang & Olufsen 'BeoLab 18 Pen'. Words fail us when trying to describe this pen - it's incredible! You really must go online and search for some close-up images as the attention to detail and quality of manufacture is next-level. Really. All yours to own, use and enjoy if you bag 8th in the Christmas Prize Draw..

9th Prize - The Bang & Olufsen 'Christmas Set'


Only on BeoWorld do you find Prizes with such thought given! We've literally scoured the planet over the last months with compiling this little collection in mind - and we did it! So.. we have some genuine heavy-duty officially branded Bang & Olufsen Nutcrackers to start with. Then we thought about the Christmas wine and champagne, so found one of the rare official B&O Bottle Stops (these are amazing by the way). For when you're pouring the wine you'll need some drip stops - so we found some original B&O branded ones. Job done. Then, we set ourselves the task of finding a bottle opener.. but not one of the common ones. Nope- not for BeoWorld... We wanted the rare, original red-cover version - and we found one!! So there you have it. What a little collection - and it's all yours if you win 9th.

10th Prize - B&O Art of Impossible Book + B&O Mousemat


First up and in 10th we have the latest book from Bang & Olufsen! Yes, it's a brand new sealed copy of 'Art of Impossible'. The Art of Impossible takes you behind the company logo and delves into the stories behind each of the breakthrough, iconic Bang & Olufsen designs from their first ever product through to the BeoLab 90. There's information on both the materials and manufacturing processes used for each Bang & Olufsen model, as well as profiles on the designers behind each innovative creation. The underlying philosophy, though, remains unwavering : that design must always serve a purpose! Plus - a bonus... Because it looked so cool when we put it down on top of the book we'll let you have a brand new, official Bang & Olufsen Mousemat along with it. It's Christmas after all !!

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