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The Autumn Quarterly Prize Draw

Welcome to the BeoWorld Autumn 2017 Prize Draw!!!! Yes, it's that time of year again when we give away lots of FREE Bang & Olufsen to our Gold Level Members. May I ask what happened to the las three months? As the leaves start to gently fall all over our cars and driveways, we can seek solace in the fact we could win something as we sweep them away in a futile manner as they fall on us... as we're sweeping.. Anyway - Thank you for looking at our Prize Draw page, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the Autumn 2017 Prize Draw, and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. Good Luck from everyone here at BeoWorld HQ!!!

1st Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 6000 Active Speakers

1st Prize
First Prize

We do love the BeoLab 6000 here at BeoWorld. A really underrated little speaker which because they blend so well into any environment they don't actually get noticed! The sound which can come out of such a slender column of anodised aluminium is something to marvel at - and we think you should too! So, we're giving away a beautiful set of the classic silver aluminium BeoLab 6000's with either the black or silver frets (your choice!). Also supplied will be power and PowerLink cables - and, as last month with the green versions, as a little extra we'll drop into the box a BeoWorld Mousemat and Coaster set. You can't be without one of those, can you! All yours if you're on the BeoWinners podium this Summer!!

2nd Prize - BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

2nd Prize
Second Prize

Here we have in Second Place this Autumn quite simply an astonishingly good ultra-compact Bluetooth Speaker. It's a Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2, in the desirable classy Black, and you can literally take this anywhere! A simple button push, you pair up your device, and start listening to your music. So easy to use - and the sound that comes out of this is quite literally amazing. You would honestly think, once placed properly, this was a speaker three times it's size. This little 'ex dealer-demo' speaker comes in its original box and is in as-new condition!

3rd Prize - BeoPlay H4 Bluetooth Headphones

3rd Prize
Third Prize

In 3rd Place this Autumn we have a brand new, 'boxed and sealed' pair of BeoPlay H4 Bluetooth Headphones finished in the classy Charcoal colour scheme. The H4 have a real premium look and feel to them (as all B&O products do, but these especially) and the sound which comes from these will have you drifting off into a musical heaven which will make reality rather disappointing when you wake up with your coffee down your front and all the other commuters staring at you... All yours if you bag third!

4th Prize - BeoPlay H5 Wireless Earphones - Charcoal Sand


Here we have a BeoWorld First - a pair of beautiful 'ex-dealer display cabinet' BeoPlay H5 Wireless Earphones - fully boxed. Finished in the rather elegant sounding 'Charcoal Sand' and looking lovely! It's pretty much the only time you'd like sand in your ears, we're sure! With up to 5 hours battery life it should outlast even the most hardened gym-goers, or cover your daily commute with ease. All yours if you win 4th in the Autumn Prize Draw..

5th Prize - BeoPlay H3 Earphones - Black


Need a compact travel companion - or someone to come to the gym with you? No, not a tour guide or personal trainer.. it's a pair of Boxed and Sealed Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Earphones in classy Black. Music to your ears (and other assorted poor jokes) and we absolutely know you'll love these! The sound from these is as you'd expect from B&O - pin sharp, and they're just as good for taking the dog for a walk as they are the daily commute.. and the Gym of course. Good Luck!

6th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Vintage A5 CD Shelf


Fifth Prize - a true collectors classic accessory in the form of the beautiful A5 Glass CD Shelf with the Bang & Olufsen logo acid-etched to the edge (this is the short version) with your choice of A6 ends. We have Maple, Laminate, MDF or Rubber ends available in our BeoWorld Prize Draw stock room, so have a look around the room it'll be living in and let us know.. We'll help you choose! These are RARE now. Good Luck!

7th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Art of Impossible Book


This amazing book takes you behind the company logo and delves into the stories behind each of the breakthrough, iconic Bang & Olufsen designs. There is information on both the materials and manufacturing processes used for each Bang & Olufsen model, as well as profiles on the designers behind each innovative creation. The underlying philosophy, though, remains unwavering: that design must always serve a purpose. Featuring an extensive archive of sketches and prototypes, specially commissioned photographs of individual products in various interior settings, as well as an exclusive insight into the models that never found their way onto the market. A fantastic read for any BeoFan!

8th Prize - BeoLab 18 Official Writing Pen - Boxed


Here we have a SUPER-RARE collectors item in the form of an OFFICIAL Bang & Olufsen writing pen, formed from stunning aluminium in the shape of the utterly beautiful Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 Active Loudspeaker. Boxed, New - and although it won't play your favourite music it really is something to behold as a piece of craftsmanship. Purchased by BeoWorld, in person, from the Struer Museum in Denmark (the only official outlet for these stunning writing instruments) we've saved you a fortune in airfare to get one of these! All yours if you win 8th.

9th Prize - Flexible Firm : The Design of Culture at B&O


Here we have a superb read - and a VERY expensive book indeed (RRP is £75 / €95 / $130 !!). It's called "Flexible Firm: The Design of Culture at Bang & Olufsen" and is written by Jakob Krause-Jensen. Jakob Krause-Jensen is an anthropologist and Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. His research focuses on the way ethnographic methods and anthropological theory can be used to understand organizations and the life within them in critical and creative ways. This really is 322 pages of very interesting theory, study and evaluation of Bang & Olufsen as company, an organisation and a brand. Fascinating reading - and yours to keep if you win Ninth!

10th Prize - Bang & Olufsen Cap & BeoWorld Mousemat


As the autumn leave fall on your head, you may well wish for some head protection.. Well, how about a lovely B&O Dealer baseball cap to pop on your head and shade your eyes from the low autumn sun at the same time? Oh... go on then, it's yours! Also, you can throw away that scruffy old mousemat - because we're also going to give you a shiny new BeoWorld Official Mouse Mat and Coaster Set. All yours if you win 10th this month.

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