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The BeoWorld Autumn 2018 Prize Draw

Welcome to the BeoWorld 'supposed to be cold but is actually quite warm for this time of year' Autumn Prize Draw!!!! Yes, it's that time of year again when the leaves turn golden, we put the flip flops back in the shoe cupboard, and BeoWorld gives away lots of FREE Bang & Olufsen to our Gold Level Members. May I ask what happened to the last three months? It seems like last week I was sweating after just raising one arm to lift a G&T to my lips.. Anyway - Thank you for looking at our Prize Draw page, and remember - if you're a Gold Level Member you're automatically entered into the draw - all you need to do after that is sit back, enjoy the Autumn 2018 Prize Draw and wait for the prizes to come rolling in! We've actually got a large number of members who have won multiple times and some have recouped the cost of their membership literally hundreds of times over, such are the massive odds of winning a prize - so what are you waiting for?! It also supports the cost of running BeoWorld, which of course we're all very grateful for.. May I wish you the Best of Luck from everyone here at BeoWorld HQ!!!

1st Prize - B&O BeoPlay A6 Wireless Speaker

1st Prize
First Prize

In First Place we have a truly amazing portable speaker in the form of a beautiful Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A6. This pristine ex-demo example is finished in stylish white with the classic Kvadrat light grey speaker cover and looks sublime. It'll look even better in YOUR home, too, come to think of it.. The A6 really does sound incredible, packing FIVE driver units into one slender and compact shape. Bluetooth your favourite tunes to it, connect to Ethernet, or use the Line-In - it's your choice! Either way, your music will sound amazing - the A6 really is something else! All yours if you're in the draw and Botty pulls out your name. It certainly could be YOU!!

2nd Prize - B&O BeoLab 4 PC Active Speakers

2nd Prize
Second Prize

In Second Place.. we have a pair of boxed, ex-demo (then placed in the dealers store room and forgotten about until BeoWorld snapped them up..) Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 4 PC Speakers. These are the non-PowerLink versions which were designed to accompany your Laptop, PC or iMac with the 3.5mm jack connection. They do sound amazing next to your computer - but of course they can be used with your iPad, Tablet or Mobile Phone if it has a 3.5mm jack connection (or adaptor) to give superb B&O sound! These come with the Blue covers, but we may have other colours in the B&O store cupboard. Please ask!

3rd Prize - BeoPlay H8 Headphones in Grey Hazel

3rd Prize
Third Prize

In third we have a lovely pair of boxed, ex-dealer display BeoPlay H8 Headphones finished in the beautiful 'Grey Hazel' colour scheme. The H8's are noise cancelling headphones with luxury lambskin ear pads and offer absolutely incredible levels of bass, richness and clarity. These were the flagship headphone at launch, and it really does show. You will absolutely LOVE these if you win 3rd this Autumn. Plane and Train journeys will never be the same.

4th Prize - Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H4 Headphones


In 4th Place this Autumn we have yet MORE headphones in the form of a brand new, 'boxed and sealed' pair of BeoPlay H4 Bluetooth Headphones finished in the lovely Charcoal colour scheme. The H4 have a real premium look and feel to them (as all B&O products do, but these especially) and the sound which comes from these will have you drifting off into a musical heaven which will make reality rather disappointing when you wake up with your coffee down your front and all the other commuters staring at you...

5th Prize - Vintage 1972 Beovox 600 Bookshelf Speakers


Well... We just couldn't let these pass. They've had ONE owner since the early 1970's, an absolute B&O enthusiast who has cherished them from brand new until this day. He decided to trim down his classic B&O collection and BeoWorld jumped in with an offer on these little babies with the sole intention of one of our members becoming the new custodian. Obviously they are in amazing condition, sound superb for their size (a real 'analogue' warmth to them) and the wood is an absolute joy to look at! Pair these up with a BeoMaster 900 to make a real 'period' system, or enjoy them with a modern amp. Your choice if you win Fifth..

6th Prize - BeoWorld 'Time for Drinks' Set!


Here we have a little set we made up here at BeoWorld consisting of... Daytime drinks - one original and official Bang & Olufsen Wedgewood Coffee Mug for work (to impress your colleagues), one original and official BeoWorld Coffee Mug for when you get home (to remind you to go online and visit your favourite website), and finally, as the evening wears on, an original and official Bang & Olufsen Bottle Stopper.. This beautiful stopper can make a bottle of vinegar look like a bottle of Petrus - they're incredibly heavy and extremely classy looking - as you'd expect from B&O...

7th Prize - Official Bang & Olufsen Rucksack


In Seventh we have a lovely little 'branded promo item' in the form of an official Bang & Olufsen Rucksack! Finished in Black, and featuring more zips than a 1970's punk rocker, it can hold pretty much everything you'd wish to carry with you. This little rarity is pre-owned, but is in excellent condition as it's only been used twice (I know the owner). A great little Dealer-Only item which you'll really enjoy using. You'll be the envy of the airport, train station, subway, or cycle lane with this over your shoulder..

8th Prize - It's BeoWorld Reading Time!


In 8th Place we have a little 'Book Set' in the form of the absolute novel which is the Bang & Olufsen 'Spark to Icon'. A postman's back breaking slab of a book charting Bang & Olufsen from inception to present day on the 80th Anniversary of the company at time of press (2005). In addition to this we're going to include a fabulous book called "Danish Loudspeakers - 100 Years" - celebrating (you guessed it) Danish Loudspeakers from 1915-2015. A fascinating book including a historical article on the importance of loudspeaker directivity at Bang & Olufsen. A great little book-bundle to read and enjoy as the Winter nights approach.

9th Prize - Vintage B&O Dealer 'Hand Print' Sign


Another B&O Rarity.. Here we have a genuine and original 'Bang & Olufsen Official Dealer Issue' spray painted steel "Hand Print" Bang & Olufsen branded signs. These are from the golden era (80's / 90's) of Bang & Olufsen Dealerships and these signs were actually extremely expensive to buy for the dealers as they cost so much to make! If you're a B&O collector this is something you'll absolutely love to own - and if not, this could be the start of a great collection!

10th Prize - Dealer Only BeoLink/BeoTalk Vintage Magazine Set


We like to keep it interesting here on BeoWorld, and we know you love some retro memorabilia.. So, we managed to acquire a number of original BeoTalk and BeoLink 'Dealer Only' magazines ranging right through from 1972 to the mid 2000's. These make absolutely fascinating reading from a B&O enthusiast perspective, and the diamond in the pile is the original announcement of the Bang & Olufsen sponsored Surtees race car. Only on BeoWorld will you find little treasure like this being given away. All yours if you're first out of the hat this Autumn...

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