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Date: Sunday May 29th 2011

It's time once again for the BeoWorld Member Awards - 2010/11

Here we are for the BeoWorld Awards, where you the BeoWorld user can vote for the people that have really made a difference to the wonderful worldwide community we have here over the last 12 months. It's been a whole year since we last asked for your votes, and a whole year for you to decide who has been helpful, hilarious and indispensible since the last awards!

There will be three categories exactly as we had last year, and then the final prestigious 'BeoWorld Member of the Year' Trophy' which will be sent by BeoWorld to the Winners house to keep for a year..

Everyone is available to vote for this year. I've not consulted Peter, so the only person you can't vote for is me (as if you would anyway..) - so the 'Beo-World' is at your fingertips!

It really doesn't matter one little bit if you have never even posted as there are thousands of people who just read the forums and enjoy the input of the people that do. Well, this is your chance to say thanks to them without them even knowing if you're one of those people. Go on - do it, it makes sense and i'm sure they would appreciate you spending a few minutes sending a quick email, that's all you have to do.

Okay - here we go...

—————————————- oOOo ————————————-

BeoWorld Awards will be issued to the winner of each Category.

The following categories will be -

1 - Most Helpful Member

Is there a certain member that always offers to help and is happy to beaver away behind the scenes to resolve a problem for just about anybody at any time? Has he or she helped you solve an issue once or more than once? Say 'Thank You' by voting for that person!

2 - Most Entertaining Member

Is there a member who always cracks you up laughing and spreads humour across the site? Has he or she got more jokes than the Comedy Central channel, or does that person just have a totally left-field view of everything that makes you chuckle. Vote for him or her!

3 - Most Valuable Contributor

Who in your opinion over the last 12 months has added real quality to the discussions on BeoWorld with their knowledge and wisdom. Do you always look at this persons posts with great interest because you know it will contain fascinating facts or a seriously well informed opinion? If you have a member that fits the bill - vote for that person!

BeoWorld Member of the Year

This Special Award is for the person who has embodied the spirit of BeoWorld over the last 12 Months. Think of why you come on BeoWorld, why you like it, then think of what it is that makes it so unique amongst all the other sites on the internet. Then, think of the member you feel has done the most to make the site like this. Simple!

—————————————- oOOo ————————————-

You all have until 9pm on June 20th to vote - so plenty of time. Votes should be sent to the following email address

Votes should simply look like this -

MHM - (member name)

MEM - (member name)

MVC - (member name)

MOY - (member name)

Pretty self-explanatory, but all the above are abbreviations of the relevant category!

Once we have gathered them all up, the Winners will be announced and the Prizes will be distributed (we're talking champagne and trophies here!!)

Please do vote, every single one will count

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