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Date: Friday December 24th 2010

Here we are again - Christmas is upon us and as we wonder where the last 12 Months have gone as we dash around the town for those last minute gifts. Shopping on Christmas Eve is only for the agile, the brave - or in my case, the stupid who should have been more organised. Note to self.

Anyway - if you're reading this on a 'proper' computer you're clearly in the safety of your own home, so enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the warmth - and smile contentedly whilst thumbing through the TV pages to see what's on tonight. However, If you're reading this whilst fighting the crowds or standing in a queue amongst a sea of exasperated people, you have my deepest sympathy as i'm probably stood right at the back behind you...

I'd like to reflect on the ups and downs on BeoWorld over the past year - however, we haven't had any downs! With the combined technical brilliance of Keith and Van, combined with the patience and hard work from Peter, the amazing product knowledge and willingness to help from Mika and Martin, plus the continuous enthusiasm and support from the rest of the Moderating Team here in the UK and Worldwide, we've cruised along like a finely tuned V12. It's true testament to the dedication and commitment of the moderating team behind the scenes that we simply take for granted everything running so smoothly and I for one would like to thank each and every one of them for making it possible to run BeoWorld. There's no way I could do this alone, really.

And to the members! Bronze, Silver and Gold - every single one of you. You all make this site intriguing, interesting, informative, helpful and fun - and without you BeoWorld truly wouldn't be the place it is. Real and genuine friendships are forged here, wether physical or online - and i've never experienced a place where people are so kind, funny, generous and willing to help. You'd think that as the site grew this ethos would have been diluted - but no, it's remained as strong as ever and as a result of the 'pool of knowledge' ever increasing it's actually got stronger. I sometimes feel humbled by the generosity of time, patience and in some cases physical gifts of parts and products on here. It shows the human spirit is alive and well at least in one little corner of the net. Let that be an inspiration to us all.

To BeoWorld as a site. Well, we've got the 'new' Forum coming in or around February which will certainly be something to look forward to. As we're always looking to improve (and have Keith Saunders sitting aloft our technical 'bridge' in the Captains seat), we feel able to explore and purchase the very latest forum technology and advancements (thanks to our paying members and site sponsors footing the bill). I'd also once again like to thank Keith Saunders, from all of us, for the hundreds of hours he's put in tweaking and adapting these updates to suit us best whilst asking for absolutely nothing in return. If we had to pay someone to do this, it simply wouldn't happen as we couldn't afford to pay someone, so we all owe Keith a debt of gratitude.

For fear of this turning into one of my trademark 'rambles' - i'll now wrap this up by saying it's been an absolute pleasure to be amongst such wonderful people this year - as every year. From the agreements, to disagreements and the razor sharp wit and humour I read almost every day here on BeoWorld - it's been a great year with plenty of smiles and laughs out loud. Thank you also to B&O as a company for inviting us to product launches, giving us (thinly veiled) inside info, letting us interview them and also taking criticism firmly on the chin. More people than you could ever imagine from B&O as a company read BeoWorld - and when valid points are made, they listen..

So - it's now time to relax, have a wonderful Christmas Day with your friends, families and loved ones and prepare yourselves for 2011. May your holiday be peaceful and content and may the coming year bring health, wealth and happiness to you all.

Merry Christmas from myself and the whole team here at BeoWorld



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