My radial arm deck does not lift at the end

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The problem is a small brass pin that is sticking. You will need to disassemble the Beogram.

Remove the platter, cartridge and the arm counterweight so that there is nothing of weight around. You now need to remove the lid. There are 6 screws on most radial Beograms that this problem affects. Three hold the lid onto the frame and three hold the torsion spring for the lid. Try to undo the ones holding the lid on as replacing those with the torsion spring is frustrating to say the least.

With the lid off, you now need to invert the deck - you will need to support the deck so the arm is not damaged. You can then remove the base which is held on with two captive screws. Loosen these - they do not need to be fully removed - and you can release the base.

You can then see the deck automatic mechanism - see the attached picture. The brass pin is arrowed. This needs to be lubricated - sewing machine oil is the best. However you will need to free this first! The amount of effort will vary but try small and work up! Penetrating oil may be required and some owners have had to disassemble the whole mechanism and use pliers to free the pin!

All are agreed that sewing machine oil will be required to ensure long service following reassembly. Only use a little though or you will attract dirt.

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Created: 20th June 2010
Modified: 28th December 2010

Author Notes:

From Mr J. Studebaker.. "It helped; it would have been more helpful had you explained which three screws hold the lid to the frame as opposed to the three screws that hold the torsion spring. It's not intuitively obvious that the screws nearer the lid are the ones that hold the torsion spring until the spring pulls away from the lid!" ** many thanks for this extra tip from BeoWorld! **

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