How to Upgrade the SW version of my BL3500/LCS9000

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Pictured right are the four basic stages of upgrading the software version of your Beolab 3500 or LCS9000.

Here are a few relevant FAQ's to begin with..

What are the component parts that make up the software upgrade ?

You are actually replacing PCB 3 which is the Microprocessor and memory all in one module.


How much does the software upgrade normally cost ?

The typical price is £32 in the UK for the part plus installation which would normally take no longer than 30 minutes


What is the part number of the software or Microprocessor upgrade?

The part number is 8006009



A - The Microprocessor module that will be replaced to upgrade the software version.

B - The unit front removed showing the Microprocessor on the right before removal.

C - The Microprocessor removed and awaiting the new one to be fitted.

D - Display showing the Software Version number after the new Microprocessor has been fitted.


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Created: 18th April 2007
Modified: 18th April 2007

Author Notes:

Reproduced with kind permission from BeoWorld member Keith Saunders. Many thanks!

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