How do I replace the glass on my 4500?

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Very carefully is the trite answer! If your glass is intact but loose, the first thing to do is to remove the remnants of the double sided tape that originally held it in place. This is nasty black sticky goo and needs removing carefully. Much will simply rub off and gentle use of a flat knife will deal with the rest. DON'T SCRATCH IT!!

There is some debate over the best way to attach it again. I favour two pack epoxy but some will recommend more double sided tape. If using the epoxy, small amounts carefully placed! Remember this is a permanent fix so take plenty of time and have a dry run! I use the slow setting type as it is stronger and gives you a little slippage space when you put the glass back on.

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Created: 4th March 2007
Modified: 6th March 2007

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