How do I clean the tape path?

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The tape path, that is, the tape heads, pinch rollers and other parts which the tape touches during playback or recording, should be cleaned every now and then to avoid dust and fluff build-up.

It is a good idea always to clean the tape path prior to making a recording. Use a tape head maintenance kit or simply a cotton wool stick dipped in a cleaning fluid (preferably iso-propyl alcohol which will not harm plastics if spilt) intended for this purpose.

The cleaning process must be carried out while there is no cassette in the tape compartment.

Press [A.TAPE]. The tape head and the right-hand pinch roller are now exposed, enabling you to clean them.

Press [TURN]. The left-hand pinch roller is now exposed.

Press [Stand-by] or switch to another source when you have finished the cleaning process.

Reference: 69
Created: 4th March 2007
Modified: 20th August 2007

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