The CD carriage won't move on my BS9000

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The circuit controlling the movement of the CD carriage has a built-in safety function which protects your fingers, etc. from being hit by the fast moving carriage.

This circuit depends on light/reflections, and works via opto-coupling devices built into the two small 'pegs' . When the glass door is opened, or if something interrupts the light circuit, the carriage slows down in speed, and finally comes to a halt. Over time dust may build up and thus reduce the light emitted to and from the opto-coupling devices.

Dust particles on the inside of the glass door may also cause extraordinary reflections which may be interpreted by the safety function in a wrong way. So, in order to prevent malfunction of the safety circuit, we recommend that you wipe dust off the two pegs on a regular basis. Likewise, when cleaning the surfaces of the BeoSound 9000, remember also to clean the inner surface of the glass door.

Reference: 68
Created: 4th March 2007
Modified: 6th March 2007

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