Why don't B&O have the very latest Technology?

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B&O is a small company. To tool up a product to accept the latest technology can be expensive and there are often license agreements which are expensive.

B&O have latterly adopted a policy of waiting for technologies to become stable before introducing them. DVD-A and SA-CD were two technologies that B&O were criticised for not adopting but both seem to have withered and died. However B&O have had their fingers burnt in the past! CD-I in the Beocenter AV5, Video 2000 recorders and CD4 records were all formats which have passed away after a short period and which B&O invested in.

Maybe we can be reassured that when B&O do adopt a technology, it will be likely to last!

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Created: 2nd March 2007
Modified: 26th March 2007

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