Can i use non-B&O Speakers?

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Can I use another manufacturer's speakers with my B&O system?

Yes. With the older systems with a built in power amplifier, you may use any passive speaker from any manufacturer.

The newer systems, however, have no power amplifier fitted as the power amplifier is now found in the B&O speaker, as this allows the speaker and amplifier combination to be optimised. Therefore you will need to provide a power amplifier for any passive speakers you wish to attach. There are a number of ways of doing this but the simplest is to buy a B&O external amplifier that will make your passive speakers react in the same way as B&O speakers.

You would normally use a Powerlink to Amplifier cable to connect from one of the Powerlink outputs on your B&O audio system or TV to the stereo RCA inputs of the amplifier, then use normal passive speaker cables between the amplifier and the speakers.

You can obtain these cables (and any advice you may need) from LifeStyle AV or Sounds Heavenly Cables, who sponsor the BeoWorld Forums.

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Created: 15th January 2007
Modified: 29th May 2012

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