What do i need to play mp3/Digital Music at Home?

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What is required to be able to enjoy MP3 or digital music in my home?

The easiest solution is the all-in-one BeoSound 3200 that comes with a hard drive that can store up to 396 CDs. The most common solution is to use a PC with the freeware BeoPlayer, which is a program that makes navigating easy. Please note that Bang & Olufsen refer to MP3 or digital music as “N.MUSIC” and Internet radio as “N.RADIO”.

To get the music from the PC to your BeoLink network there are basically two solutions today:

Use the BeoLink Media (aka BeoMedia). This is a black box that connects to any BeoVision with a SCART connection (or DVI-I), and you have the option of either an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection between the BeoMedia and your PC. BeoMedia allows you to navigate through photos, music files and Internet radio stations with the use of the TV screen and the Beo4 remote.

The most common method of distributing N.MUSIC is with a product called BeoPlayer PC2. This is a black box that connects to your PC and is equipped with a MasterLink connection for your BeoLink network. To be able to activate the BeoPlayer PC2 and enjoy N.MUSIC in any other room of the house the following requirements must be met:

Your BeoSound music system should be N.MUSIC compatible. The following music systems are compatible (or can be upgraded to be): BeoSound 3000, 3200 and 9000 and the BeoCenter 1 and 2. Please note that the upgrade of the BeoSound 9000 MK1 model is very extensive, while the others simply involve replacing a chip

If you set the BeoPlayer PC2 to option 2 (Audio Master) you do not need a compatible BeoSound music system, but you will need a BeoVision with N.MUSIC. The following video systems are compatible (or can be upgraded to be): BeoVision 3-32, 4 (with BeoSystem 2), 5, BeoVision 6-26, 7-32, 7-40 and the Avant RF (2002+) and the BeoCenter 1 (since October 2002). Please note that you can let the BeoPlayer PC2 act as Audio Master in a BeoLink network without any BeoVisions at all.

For more information regarding BeoMedia and any other products mentioned on this FAQ please refer to the Product Search list here on BeoWorld.

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Created: 15th January 2007
Modified: 19th February 2007

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