I feel my question is too trivial to ask...

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Nothing is too silly or trivial to ask!

If you don’t know the answer, then please ask. You will never be rebutted and will always obtain an answer. We all started by knowing nothing and have gradually learnt, and every member realises this.

We have dedicated Technical Advisors for those deeply technical questions too, so if its something obscure about an old product or part then we should always have an answer.

For General Questions - it is always worth looking through a few days' Forum questions and using the Search facility in the FAQ area if you feel a little shy - but please remember, we have one of the friendliest and most helpful communities on the net who are always ready to help you.

Welcome to BeoWorld - for Everything Bang & Olufsen!

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Created: 15th January 2007
Modified: 11th February 2008

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