RF Link Amplifier available in Two Versions

Product Introduction

The B&O RF amplifier was first introduced in November 2005 and at that time recommended to people purchasing BeoVision 7's with one or more link TV's.

The RF Link Amplifier ProductRF Link Amplifier Product
It has several benefits over normal amplifiers you may purchase and the following are a few of the key points:-
  • It uses "F" Connectors as used on satellite cable instead of the standard aerial plugs which means there is a better 75 ohm impedance match which in turn means less likely to have patterning etc on the link TV and less loss of signal.
  • Unlike normal RF amplifiers it has two inputs, one is your aerial and the other is the output of the RF link from your BeoVision because it is perfectly diplexed within the amplifer, your analogue picture on your link TV will remain perfect regardless of the state of the RF output of your BeoVision.
  • Where you have strong/weak signals on either input, the amplification can be adjusted by switches

Almost no one seems to know about this B&O RF amplifier which is a major reason for it being included in one of these FAQ's

It is NOT designed to go on the back of the BeoVision. It has a slide on bracket which is intended to be screwed to the wall.

You can review the FIRST draft of the RF Link Amplifier FAQ HERE and please provide comments, feedback and updates via the FAQ forum topic. The following picture is a closeup of the connections

Close up of the connections

Updated by Keith Saunders on Sunday 19th August 2007