Miscellaneous connections 2

Powerlink cable with wire for display data

(Note: On BeoLab3 there is a blue wire (pin 7) in addition to the wires shown here on the PowerLink diagram.  This appears to be a voltage reference for the speakers, and with a single three core wire + screen feeding both speakers, this needs to be connected to the screen.

Failure to connect this pin does not have too much of an effect on the system -UNLESS- you connect up something like a PC2 which ties the stereo to Earth potential through the MasterLink cable, and without the "blue reference" the speaker inputs can float to around 100V above Earth and cause interference between the speakers and the 3000, manifesting as a quiet buzzing noise in the Lab3s. (I rather suspect there was actually an impact on sound quality from no Blue connection but cannot measure it) - Stephen Lewis)


PowerLink cable without wire for display data

Audio Aux Link / PowerLink connections:

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