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"Design has become our new niche. The gear should look smart, but technical performance should be outstanding. Designers and technicians work together in close collaboration from the very start of a new product" Bang & Olufsen video products

For over 75 years, Bang & Olufsen has been setting standards in the application of technology through innovative design - beginning in 1925 with Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen's invention of the world's first radio with a mains plug, to today's integrated audio and television entertainment systems.

The company seeks to unite form and function through design by developing products that combine sophisticated technology with ingenuity and aesthetic appeal. Meticulous attention is paid to looks, sound clarity, vision delivery and technological proficiency for intuitive ease of operation. The unique Beolink® system enables seamless, integrated access to B&O products - in the home, workplace, hotel or studio. In essence, the design of any B&O product makes choice and operation rewarding for the senses.

Appreciated as art forms, B&O's 'original classics' have received many design awards and appear in design collections of museums around the world, including the permanent design collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). This recognition symbolises the company's ability to integrate both design and technology, together with their commitment to innovation and the delivery of excellence in the entertainment experience. However, before any product reaches the market, a designer has to come up with the way a product has to look, to feel and to perform...

Designers and Design houses of Bang & Olufsen products over the years include:

Acton Bjørn (1910 - 1992)

and Sigvard Bernadotte (1907 - 2002)

Beolit 500

Designit A/S, Denmark

BeoCom 3 (iF Winner 2002)

Ib Fabiansen

Modular System - Unit furniture, 1958


Gideon / Lone Lindinger Löwy

BeoCom 750

BeoCom 2000 and BeoCom 1000 (iF Winners 1990)

BeoCom 2100

BeoLab / Beovox Penta range

Anders Hermansen

BeoLab 2000 (iF Winner 1996)

A8 Earphones

Martin Iseli, Switzerland (b 1952)

BeoCom 1400

BeoCom 1401

BeoCom 1500 (iF Winner 1992)

BeoCom 2400

BeoCom 2500

BeoCom 5000 (iF Winner 1996)

Georg Jensen

Clock / barometer set

Expandable book ends

Jacob Jensen

Beocenter 1500

Beocenter 7000

Beocenter 9000

Beocenter 9500 (iF Winner 1990)

Beocord 1600

Beocord 1800

Beocord 2400

Beocord 5000

Beogram 1000

Beogram 1200

Beogram 1800

Beogram 4002/4004

Beogram 4000

BeoLab 5000

Beolit 1000

Beolit 400

Beolit 600 (iF Winner 1970)

Beomaster 1200 (iF Winner 1970)

Beomaster 1700

Beomaster 1900

Beomaster 2000

Beomaster 2000

Beomaster 3000

Beomaster 3400

Beomaster 5000

Beomaster 6000

Beomaster 6000

Beomaster 8000

Beomic 1000

Beomic 2000 (iF Winner 1970)

Beomic 8

Beosystem 5000

Beovox 1000

Beovox 2500 Cube loudspeakers

Beovox 2700

Beovox 3700

Headphones U70

David Lewis

Beocenter AV5



Beocenter 1

Beocenter AV5 (iF Winner 1998)

BeoCom 2

Beocord V8000

Beocord VX5000

BeoLab 1


BeoLab 2500

BeoLab 6000

BeoLab 3500

BeoLab 4000 (iF Winner 1998)

BeoLab 8000 (iF Winner 1992)

Beolink 1000

Beolink 5000

Beolink 7000 (iF Winner 1991)

BeoSound 1

BeoSound 2

BeoSound 3000

BeoSound Century (iF Winner 1994)

BeoSound Ouverture

BeoSound 9000 (iF Winner 1996)

Beosystem 1

Beosystem 2500

Beovision 1/1LS


Beovision 3500

Beovision 5

Beovision 600

Beovision Avant (iF Winner 1996)

Beovision AV9000

Beovision MX Series

Beovox Redline


Erik Rørbæk Madsen

The tonearm and MMC cartridge principle

Henning Moldenhawer

Beomaster 900

Beovision 3000

Beovision 6000

Beovision 8900

Steve McGugan

Form 2 Headphones

Anne Mette Sonnicksen

Designing interface menus for B&O televisions

Henrik Sorig Thomsen, Denmark

BeoTalk 1100 (iF Winner 1997)

BeoTalk 1200

BeoCharger (iF Winner 1995)

BeoCom 4

BeoCom 6000

BeoCom 9800

Ole Terndrup (Concept developer)

Eigil Thomsen (Design manager)

Bodil Viftrup

iF provides a broad range of design-related services. It is internationally known thanks to its iF Design Award which has been staged since 1954. Today the Award is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide, attracting over 1800 entries from 30 different countries every year. The jury, composed of top international designers, not only critically examines and selects the award-winning entries, but also guarantees iF's special status and the high-quality reputation of the iF label. The company also markets its core expertise - its know-how in the area of organising competitions, tenders or pitches - to companies, institution and political parties. For example, its expertise is often sought on design questions, architectural competitions, advertising pitches and other services involving a strong creative component.

I.D. Magazine is the USA's leading critical magazine covering the art, business and culture of design. Winner of five National Magazine Awards — four for General Excellence (1995, 1997 and 1999, 2000) and one for Design (1997), the publication appears eight times a year. Issues include the Annual Design Review, America’s largest and most prestigious juried design-recognition programme and which has been published since 1954. The Design Review showcases the best American and international design in the areas of Consumer Products, Furniture, Equipment, Environments, Packaging, Graphics, Concepts and Student Projects.

I.D. past winners include: Video System 5000(1990)

Award bestowed on Bang & Olufsen - Press Release 22.02.02

Prestigious Technical Achievement Award bestowed on Bang & Olufsen

The Sonic Foundry Outstanding Technical Achievement Award 2002 is to be presented at the Banff Television Festival 2002 in Canada in June. This award represents the pinnacle of technical and creative achievement over time in the international television and new media industry.

In making the announcement today at a special reception at the Danish Design Centre, Pat Ferns, president and CEO of the Banff Television Foundation said, "Watching television is at the heart of what we do and Bang & Olufsen has added another dimension of pleasure to this experience in the brilliant systems it has created. Watching and listening on equipment designed to be works of art in themselves - without sacrificing any visual or aural element - has endeared audiences to this company and its products. As the Board of Governors explored the full range of Bang & Olufsen's creations, they came to a happy conclusion that this innovative Danish company represented true excellence, deserving of Banff's top technology award."

Bang & Olufsen's Chief Technology Officer Peter Petersen expressed the gratitude of the company when thanking Pat Ferns for the honour, and stated "Bang & Olufsen has always prided itself with the refinement and application of technology in order to benefit the user. We constantly strive to ensure that the technologies applied inside our products are never outshone by the design elements found on the outside. A few years ago, we asked people what they liked most about Bang & Olufsen products. Those who did not own any said 'The way it looks'. Those who owned our products said 'The way it works'. Thank you Banff, for also acknowledging our technological endeavours."

W. Paterson Ferns continued by stating "Although Bang & Olufsen's products have been justly celebrated for 'the way they look,' it is important to keep in mind that the Sonic Foundry Outstanding Technical Achievement Award is not a design award. It recognizes outstanding technological contributions to excellence in television. It is one thing for something to look stunning, but if it doesn't work, what's the point? In the final analysis, it's what's inside that counts. The genius of Bang & Olufsen, throughout its distinguished history has been, and continues to be, the company's commitment to expert, innovative, and imaginative applications of technology. The company makes the most sophisticated technology consumer-friendly, because the technology works brilliantly. What's inside - the essence of the product - is what matters most; making it look so good is a bonus."

The Sonic Foundry Outstanding Technical Achievement Award will be presented to Bang & Olufsen at a special Tribute ceremony on Tuesday, June 11 during BANFF 2002. A complete list of past recipients is attached.

About the Banff Television Festival

The Banff Television Festival is a special gathering place for television broadcasters, program producers, and online content creators. Over 60 hours of seminars, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, Master Classes, and pitching opportunities are featured along with the international Banff Rockie Awards program competition. The Banff Television Festival 2002 will be held on June 9 - 14, 2002

The Festival is the premier activity of the Banff Television Foundation, a management organization for some of the world's leading television and new media industry events including the World Congress of History Producers, the World Congress of Science Producers, and the Alliance Atlantis Banff Television Executive Program. For more information visit or

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