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We often see abbreviations and model names such as 'K' (Jet 505K), 'M' (BeoMaster 900M) amongst others. Most of these refer to Danish descriptions, but some are down to their functions or manufacturing and it can be quite confusing trying to understand...

So - here's a run-down on some of the most common used abbreviations, and their meanings!

K = typically (but not always) meant built-in speaker(s).

M = (for Modtager, I think) Receiver only (no speakers)

U = Universal (support for both AC and DC mains)

RG = Radiogram (Radio with built-in record player, typically large and floorstanding)

BRG = BordRadioGram = Tabletop radiogram

SP = Subir Pramanik (the engineer behind the SP stylus/pickups)

MMC = Moving Micro Cross (the working principle of the MMC stylus/pickups)

KH/KL = K for built-in speaker and H for High cabinet version, L for Low

CH = Chatol ("writing bureau")

S = Console model (floorstanding)

SJ = Only used for Television sets.

X = as in in CDX, RX and TX which points to units built for use in non-B&O setups.

These products are typically in black cabinets rather than veneered for a more neutral appearance and a better match to other producers units.

R = Radial Tracking (record decks). the traditional arcing single arm as seen on most record decks.

T = Tangential (record decks) which track the record in a straight line. You can tell these as they have two parallel 'arms' - one to hold the stylus, the other with a display on the end stating 33 or 45.

CD = Compact disc.

So - there you go!

Many thanks to our Forum member and Moderator Martin (Dillen) for these! If you have any we can add to this list, please drop us a line and we'll add them!

Created: 13th March 2019
Modified: 13th March 2019

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