Cartridge Tracking Weights

B&O cartridges all seem to have different tracking weights so we have compiled a list of them for you. Remember that these are a guide only - on the whole, a little extra weight is better than too little. Too little weight will cause mistracking, distortion and record and stylus wear.

The SP range.

SP6/7 2g

SP8/9 1.2g

SP10 1.2g

SP12 1.2g

SP14 2.0g

SP15 1.0g

The MMCX000/MMC20X ranges

MMC3000 1.2g

MMC4000 1.0g

MMC5000 1.5g

MMC6000 1.0g

MMC10E 1.5g

MMC20S 1.5g

MMC20E 1.5g

MMC20EN 1.2g

MMC20CL 1.0g

The MMC1-5 range

MMC5 1.5g

MMC4 1.2g

MMC3 1.2g

MMC2 1.0g

MMC1 1.0g

Soundsmith cartridges

SMMC4 1.2g

SMMC3 1.2g

SMMC2 1.0g

SMMC1 1.0g

SMMC20E 1.2g

SMMC20EN 1.2g

SMMC20CL 1.0g

SMMC20CL+ 1.0g

The Voice 1.0g (except when specified as medium compliance, when 1.3g)

Created: 24th January 2010
Modified: 24th January 2010

Author Notes:

Most cartridges are ageing and a little extra weight, c 0.2g does no harm! Soundsmith cartridges also seem to perform better with just a little extra in my experience.

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