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Manufactured: 1967 - unknown

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Bang & Olufsen Synchrobox

The Synchrobox was used to operate slide projectors without lifting a finger! The idea was that with a suitable reel-to-reel tape recorder - like the Beocord 2000 de luxe - you could control your slides to change automatically. Through the tape recorder you could have a soundtrack recorded on one track and a control signal on another track to operate the changing of your photographic slides.

For all purposes where you wish to impulse control an instrument via a sound tape, and will be appreciated especially for automatic changing of slide-shows with synchronous accompaniment by music and speech. Easily operated by a touch button" - taken from the 1967 - 1968 Bang & Olufsen product catalogue

Two metal DIN cables lead off from the right-hand side of the unit: one 6-pin and another 5-pin. There is also a 'pulse length' dial on the reverse of the silver-coloured metal unit.

Synchrobox Product Specifications

41 mm high, 167 mm wide, 84 mm deep
Three 1,5-volt cells
33 x 60,5 mm
50 mV
Output signal
60 mV
Current drain
Non-operated: 035 mA
Pulse record: 150 mA
Pulse playback: 130 mA
Tape recorder connection
5-contact DIN socket
1 = Control signal record track 2 mono
4 = Control signal record track 2 stereo
2 = 0
5 = Control signal playback
3 = 0
Projector connection
3-conductor cable
Grey and red conductors:
Make contacts.
Grey and yellow/red conductors:
Break contacts
Transistors: 5

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