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Manufactured: 1963 - 1964
Colours: Teak or rosewood

B&O's first all-transistor mains-operated stereo radio.

This engineering achievement has been made possible through the many years of experience gained by B&O in designing transistorized amplifying equipment (especially for cinema installations).

4 bands: (a) extended FM band (to 108 Mc/s) covering European and American FM stations; (b) Extra long long-wave band (extended to 147-300 kc/s to permit reception of German entertainment program (Hamburg) on 151 kc/s (1987 m)); (c) Medium-wave band; (d) Shortwave band.

FM section has highly sensitive 3-stage FM amplifier and remarkable frequency stability.

Specially designed 2-channel audio amplifier for reproduction of stereo gramophone records (power output: 2 x 6 watts).

Special balance control permits simple and effective adjustment for correct stereophonic sound distribution when playing stereo gramophone records. Prepared for coming stereo radio programmes broadcast over one transmitter - a built-in multi-wire connector socket permits subsequent installation of a B&O multiplex unit (stereo decoder).

No warm-up time - the Master plays the very moment it is switched on.

Special tape recorder point at signal level specified by international standards permits playing taped radio programmes over the receiver's audio amplifier and speaker system.

The Master is an unusually smartly styled radio - long, low, and with elegant control knobs of steel .

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