Mini 610K Radio

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Manufactured: 1962 - 1964

The Mini is a compact quality receiver with many 'big-set' features. Excellent sensitivity, 'extra-long' long wave band, medium and short waves plus entire FM band with 3-stage IF amplifier and a high degree of frequency stability. Built-in AM and FM aerials. Continuous bass and treble adjustment. 'Magic ribbon'. Gramophone input jacks and output jacks for 3 external speakers (3-position speaker selector). Special tape recorder input jack according to DIN standard permits playback of recorded radio programmes over audio amplifier and speaker system of receiver.

Cabinet: Mr. Ib Fabiansen, Member of Danish Academy of Architects, designed this cabinet so that it could be placed on a shelf. The Mini is available in walnut, teak or rose-wood.

Mini 610K Radio Product Specifications

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